Dr. Roy Lozano Announces His Candidacy for Hawaii County District 4

I’ve stated before that I’ll be voting for Maddie Greene for Hawaii County District 4.   The district race certainly is becoming interesting.

Dr. Roy Lozano

Dr. Roy Lozano

Dr. Roy Lozano has announced his candidacy for Hawaii County District 4 in this YouTube video that was published yesterday:


Underneath the video he states:

Go to Roy Lozano’s website (lozano4puna.com) for a more complete understanding o Roy’s position on the key issues: conscious development, infrastructure, youth mentoring, energy & power for life, solid waste management, organic-natural farming, and entrepreneurship. Roy wants to “talk story” with you.

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  1. Big Mahalo to you Damon Tucker. You are the first publication to take notice. Feel free to contact me for a interview. Let’s raise the bar of Hawaii’s representatives. Aloha

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