Senator Ruderman on $92,362 Grant-in-Aid for Pahoa Booster Club

The Hawaii State Legislature has appropriated $92,362 in Grant-in-Aid (GIA) funding for the Pahoa Booster Club. This grant will go to towards establishing the Pahoa football program serving the entire Puna area within the 96778 zip code, which includes all Pahoa public and charter schools, with the focus on an eight-man team. The Pahoa Booster Club was formed out of community desire to assist the Pahoa Regional Schools and their student athletic programs.

Senator Russell Ruderman

Senator Russell Ruderman

 “I would like to congratulate the Pahoa Booster Club on receiving this Grant-in-Aid award and for their tireless efforts and support of the youth in Puna. This grant will help to ensure that student athletes will get the support and resources they need to succeed in their desire to compete with their peers on the field,” said Senator Russell Ruderman. “All students deserve the opportunity to develop themselves not just academically, but also physically and mentally through organized athletics. Grants like this help equip them with the appropriate tools and services they will need to improve as individuals and these GIA funds will assist in laying down the foundation to achieve those goals.”


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  1. Did anyone take a survey and ask the Teachers how much money THEY spent, out of their own pockets, to supply students with basic school supplies that should have been supplied by the parents!!?

    Create a “slush” fund with that $92,632, let the teachers dip into that for books, binder paper, pencils, pens, etc. If there is money left over, then buy a helmet.

    I’m a Pahoa Alumni. If Pahoa HS can achieve a school rating of 5th or better in the State, then fund a football team.

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