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Riot at Hilo High School Leads to Students Being Arrested

HPDBadgeI was viewing tweets today and all of a sudden I came across something that concerned me.  I posted the following on Facebook tonight:

The cops arrested someone outside the Pahoa May Day Assembly today… and now I read the following happened at Hilo High:

“there was a massive riot at my school. like kids were hitting cops & all”…

“…yeah, it was crazy. a girl got falsed by a boy & all”

KITV confirmed what I heard about the Hilo riot.  I myself saw the person getting arrested outside of Pahoa High School.

Here is what KITV reported:

A fight today at Hilo High School resulted in several students being arrested… that’s according to Hilo police.
We’re told the brawl broke out in the afternoon, and one student described it as a “massive riot” with kids hitting cops.
A state Education official says the fight involved some 20 to 30 students… and happened just as school let out for the day at 1:20 p.m.
No major injuries were reported and school is scheduled to resume on Monday.
However the principal is requesting support from police.

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17 Responses

  1. HMMM hilo high school riot sayyyy whaaa well thats what happens when the school dont give a shit about their students.

  2. That Was Side-Blind Action I Was There And In The Fight The Kid That Punched The Girl Punched Two Other People 2 Of My Bro’s And The Girl Was My Sister He Had Some Kind Of Metal In His Hand.

  3. sounds intense

  4. To all students involved in the wrongdoing: You have shamed your school, you have shamed our island, you have shamed our state. Worst of all, you have shamed your parents.

    • So, we shamed our school because they lack security? because our counselors don’t deal with the problems we tell them about? We shamed our island because we have poor people and rich ppl who pick on each other, people with different cultures rivaling? This happens everywhere where there are people and it gets to this extent when we reach our limit. Worst of all. we shamed our parents? yes because we were taught to stand up for ourselves, we were taught to not put up with another persons bull shit, because a lot of us have parent who don’t give a fuck, lets us do whatever the hell we like.

      not to all but to some.

      • Yes, you shamed. There is security at all DOE schools. Counselors are at school to help you make it to college, they should NOT have to deal with your personal issues. If you are smart enough, you separate your cultural differences when you get on that damn school bus. And you don’t fight because someone has nicer shoes then you. You compete and get better grades then the guy with nice shoes.

        You (students) are in school TO LEARN. Not play Kendama, gamble, smoke e-cigarettes, FIGHT. You are older than 8 years old. You should know better. EVEN if you’re parents weren’t the best. BUT I do blame the parents in part, for not instilling core values.

        • I could not have said it better myself!

          Wonderful commentary on why trying to shift blame for shame is, uh … SHAMEFUL!

        • Yes, counselors shouldn’t have to deal with personal issues but its part of their jobs and conflicts do happen every where that there is people. Apparently there are ALOT of people that aren’t smart enough, people in school and people out. Its not that we fight because some one has something better than us but that the person wearing them thinks that their better than us (higher). AKA Bullying.

          Yes we go to school to learn, and we do. During recess we play Kendama, we were given recess to eat or play/have fun and that’s what we do. Very rarely do we gamble and in the very few times its during recess. Smoking… eh I don’t rly got much to say on that cuz I want one xP…. yes we should know better but that’s not the case for a lot of us. bleh im tired of typing and plz be respectful of the replies *Cough-Brian*

          • Define “respectful,” please.

            HINT: “respect” does not equal “agree.”

            Deal with it; it’s the *adult* thing to do.

            • Respectful meaning u not trying to offend me, i would appreciate it. i rather not stoop to your level.

  5. Mann the two riots were crazy. One between C building and the library, the other on the side of A building and the office. Just fight after fight after fight. fricken wall of kids around em, lots of kids taking vids. I only saw one, I walked to the other side of the sku and my friends came up to me wide eyes sayin ” WOW, did u see that?!?!?” they blocked off my regular walkin path an when I went around I saw a boy handcuffed leaning up against the fence being questioned. police cars all down the street. crazy. man my friend was so hyped off of it, another wanted to join just cuz. I hear some kids were choked out by the security. ha quote from friend ” Best way to end a Friday!”

  6. Thanks for the update on this sad situation. There’s nothing quite like destroying your future before it begins. A criminal record will “dog” these students for a lifetime. Not too smart.

    • Dog them for a lifetime? Naaaaa, they’re juveniles. In theory, they could *murder* somebody and be tried as juveniles.

      And to the idiot who basically blamed the Neanderthals’ criminal behavior on “lack” of security? And mommy and daddy?

      When I worked at the prison in Walla Walla, the problem with denial was obvious when talking to a lot of the convicted felons.

      Usually, it was worst with the child molesters and druggies.

      Just saying.

      • But, in all fairness to “808” girl, sadly, many of the staff (teachers, administrators *and* counselors) *do* have their heads up their ass; they either are *truly* clueless ass clowns who are ignorant of just *how* bad things are, or they are “deer in headlights” and are just not capable of effectively acting—in an appropriate and timely manner.

        Yes, there are some good faculty—great teachers, even.

        But the majority? Poster Children for everything wrong with a system that is more concerned about the HSTA, contracts, funding and protecting *useless* and *inept* DOE bureaucrats than actually educating or protecting Hawaii’s youth.

        Again, just saying.

      • -.- rly. Who raised those ” Neanderthals?” who? what were they just magically born with knowledge of the world? No. they were brought up to be who they are. by who? their parents or guardians. Convicted felons? Druggies? Molesters? they all started as children who were brought up in a way to make them that way, something happened in their life to make them that way. ” Mommy and Daddy” play big roles in the lives of many. Their denial came from them being raised in a certain way. Its just their mind set. and again, mommy, daddy, and/or guardians influenced it.

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