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Riot at Hilo High School Leads to Students Being Arrested

HPDBadgeI was viewing tweets today and all of a sudden I came across something that concerned me.  I posted the following on Facebook tonight:

The cops arrested someone outside the Pahoa May Day Assembly today… and now I read the following happened at Hilo High:

“there was a massive riot at my school. like kids were hitting cops & all”…

“…yeah, it was crazy. a girl got falsed by a boy & all”

KITV confirmed what I heard about the Hilo riot.  I myself saw the person getting arrested outside of Pahoa High School.

Here is what KITV reported:

A fight today at Hilo High School resulted in several students being arrested… that’s according to Hilo police.
We’re told the brawl broke out in the afternoon, and one student described it as a “massive riot” with kids hitting cops.
A state Education official says the fight involved some 20 to 30 students… and happened just as school let out for the day at 1:20 p.m.
No major injuries were reported and school is scheduled to resume on Monday.
However the principal is requesting support from police.

17 Responses

  1. HMMM hilo high school riot sayyyy whaaa well thats what happens when the school dont give a shit about their students.

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