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Big Island Lady Goes Ballistic Test Driving Car – Video Goes Viral

This Big Island Lady went ballistic yesterday test driving a car.  The car salesman simply asked her to drive the speed limit and she totally lost it.  A friend of mine said “this happened yesterday (3/22/14) at my car lot. The guy on the test drive is my co-worker. He posted this video to youtube this morning and is going viral all over the internet.”


My friend went on to say, “We know the lady is a former customer of ours and has bought several cars from us prior. We are 95% sure we know her identity, but the salesman working the sale failed to obtain a copy of her driver’s license, so we’re not 100% positive.

28 Responses

  1. This Beast Need To Be Run Over With An Semi…

  2. Both were stupid, but this guy was not professional!! If any man talked to me or a woman in my family… the way he did..

  3. This lady was 0% Hawaiian… she’s a joke and embarrassment to true Hawaiians around the world.

  4. Supper SHAME!! And shame on you who support her! STOP creating Hawaiians to be this stereo type “mad locals” …. “haoles” are foreigners, not white people! Go read a dictionary!! I suggest you don’t tell people your name! Last name that is..

    • I agree! STOP , “Creating HAWAIIANS to be this, “Stereo-Type-Mad-Local’s”! And “HOALES are NOT WHITE PEOPLE.” According to the Dictionary: A “Hoale”, is a Person(s) that DO NOT KNOW THEIR ANCESTRY.”! This “Story, has nothing to do with whether, what “Nationality you are, but more about the “Salesperson, that obviously Knew this so-called-woman, but “still did not ask for proper I.D., before taking the car out for a “Test-Drive.” and if the “Dealership”, knew “her reputation”, then they should have most certainly have asked for “ALL HER DRIVING DOCUMENT’S, WAY BEFORE LETTING HER BEHIND THE “WHEEL OF A CAR, LET ALONE GIVE HER THE KEY’S!
      That’s the “Talk and Thinking Way’s, of the Younger Hawaiians’, that have not been taught the “True Ways of the Elders.”

  5. Amazing how many people sticking up or making excuses
    for the attitude who was going 70mph in a 35mph zone.

  6. That is simply disgraceful. Does she not realize she ain’t driving her own damn car! If he was being rude she could have went back to the lot and told his manager but no decided to act ignorant.Get some damn CLASS!!

  7. Lol, so she calls him a F’ing haole and then tries to convince him that shes not prejudice…haha okay. Talk about anger problems. Aunty probably dealt with some major abuse in her life

  8. A guy I work with in Hilo talks to people on the phone like that all day long. The racism, not listening to anyone’s argument and the threatening physical violence is just normal here on the big island.

  9. Embarrassed, but not surprised at the profanity, racism and aggressive attitude. Seen this demeanor too many times, the angry local. I have hold back from saying what I feel because I don’t want to be like the person in the video.

  10. BITCH FROM HELL! Get a f…… life and get yourself some education. Obviously those words are the only words that you know. You are an embarrassment to all Hawaiians!!!!

  11. Calling her the Big Island “Lady” is stretching it. There is nothing genteel about this woman.

  12. This guy is pushing her for the video. She’s a bitch, yes. But normal people like us should know how to handle bitches like this.

  13. Poor thing her kupuna. They must not be very happy with her. SO SHAME!!!!

  14. Wow ! Wouldn’t want to have this mother in law from Hell !

  15. I hate that! He didn’t tape the whole ride.. so we don’t even know the whole story! Aunty over there obviously had issues but Brada man is enabling her to continue! As for a salesman to do so, he should have known What to do in the situation instead of stooping to her level! Trying to act innocent when he knew What he was doing!

  16. This is shame, however he was pushing it and waiting for her to say what she did! They were both wrong but she is the customer! He needed to be more professional! Who knows what he said and how he said it cause he wasn’t video taped saying it! So we’ll never know!

    • don’t believe he was pushing it.., she was stupid, classless, and was putting others safely at risk, sounds like she may have has words with her son-in-law and took it out on car guy..Would have loved to see her face! I believe she was going to get racism from the get go..

      Idiot lady..makes us look bad!

  17. you sure can feel her aloha –

  18. shame on her!

  19. Racist. Bitch.

    Just saying.

    Not too smart, either.

  20. This is not well. Poor guy.

  21. She had some pretty nice size arms on her… I wouldn’t want to make her mad. That got racist pretty quickly…

  22. Dude, which lot? Inquiring (nosey) minds wanna know

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