2014 Big Island Marathon – Results

8:25 PM UPDATE:  THE OFFICIAL RESULTS CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://jtltiming.com/results/hilo-m.html

Update: I just learned that the results posted below are incorrect “It’s wrong. It’s was corrected at the awards but didn’t get corrected on the web”  I will post the updated results when I have them.

The 2014 Big Island Marathon was held today along the shorts of East Hawaii.  209 runners completed the 26.2 mile course.

To view all of the results you can click here: 2014 Big Island Marathon Results

2 Responses

  1. 3rd in the 1/2 also is incorrect, still, it was a great day to run!

  2. Of course it’s wrong. There is no female US runner who can run 2:22, much less an “unknown” running in the heat and humidity of Hawaii.

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