Dropped 911 Call Leads to Man Being Rescued From Waipio Valley

A man was rescued from Waipio Valley on the Big Island yesterday.

Me at the top of Waipio Valley

Me at the top of Waipio Valley

The following release is from the Hawaii Fire Department:

Situation found at scene:

Company 8 responded to Waipio Valley for a dropped 911 call. Upon arrival made contact with the caller who stated she noticed a person on the trail to Waimanu Valley using a flashlight to signal people on the beach. Rescue Company 2 dispatched. Company 8 personnel proceeded to the beach area and saw the person signaling approximately halfway up the trail.


Company 8 personnel proceeded on foot to attempt to reach hiker in trouble while Company 2 responded by air. Company 2 made contact with hiker, a 23 y/o male, and was able to rescue him using a Billy Pugh basket. Hiker without injuries upon evaluation by medical personnel.

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