Sheriff’s Wanted

The Department of Public Safety (PSD) is looking for a few good men and women to join the Sheriff Division.

Sheriff BadgeRecruitment will open on the Department of Human Resources and Development (DHRD) website for a three-week period from this Saturday, Jan. 18, until Feb. 7. PSD is particularly seeking applicants willing to serve on Hawaii Island.

“This recruitment will help the department fill several positions,” said Sheriff Robin Nagamine. “We are looking for people who possess traits and characteristics required for this type of work. Among these are physical and mental fitness, alertness, tact, integrity, honesty, good judgment and the ability to deal effectively with the public.”

“I am very pleased with what this means for the safety and security of the residents of Hawaii Island and, in particular, for my own district of West Hawaii,” said State Representative Nicole Lowen (Kailua-Kona, Holualoa, Kalaoa, Honokohau). “We have been working closely with the Department of Public Safety to accomplish this end, and it will go a long way in helping to ensure peace of mind for our families and neighbors.”

To qualify, the applicant must be a high school graduate; be able to demonstrate knowledge of English grammar, spelling and punctuation; have the ability to read and comprehend complex written material; write a clear, factual report; and have at least two years of work experience which demonstrates these abilities.

After the initial recruitment, chosen applicants will be tested on physical fitness (pushups, sit-ups and a 1.5-mile run) and have to complete a written test to gauge their reading, writing and comprehension skills. After successful completion of the physical ability and written test, the applicant may be scheduled for an interview with the department.

Once the physical testing, written testing and interview are completed, individuals selected from the recruitment will participate in a 5-month Sheriff Recruit Class, which will consist of classroom and on-the-job training in the laws, rules, regulations, principles, practices, procedures and techniques of law enforcement; the operation of firearms and other equipment; as well as physical conditioning.

For a complete list of recruitment requirements and to apply to become a Deputy Sheriff, go to the DHRD website at:

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