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UH Hilo Vice Student Chancellor for Student Affairs on Attacks on Women at a UH Hilo Bathroom

UH Hilo Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Luoluo Hong, posted the following about the attacks on women at UH Hilo in the last week.

UH Hilo Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Luoluo Hong

UH Hilo Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Luoluo Hong

Yes, allegedly there has been two attacks see comments posted here regarding the first attack:

Chancelor Response


  • University of Hawaii at Hilo, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Every 2 minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted. We should *always* be vigilant & aware of the risk and reality of sexual assault on our campuses and in our communities. Just because you aren’t hearing about sexual assault happening every day here and elsewhere does not mean they are not happening.

One Response

  1. wow that will help I will just read the policy as the perpetrator is raping me…how about some type of accessible alarm system in the bathrooms??? or camera on outside of bathroom?? or security ?? anything is better than the response you have given…a mother of an assault victim does not want to read your policy.

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