An Update on Zoe the “Blonde Zebra” on the Big Island of Hawaii

So there has been a lot of chatter on Facebook and Twitter about “blonde zebras” in the past few weeks. Here is what we know. Up until Zoe was 10 (she now is about to be 14) she was the only one alive on earth. There is now a related animal, caught by the same animal broker, in Ohio at a roadside safari park.


Zoe the “Blonde Zebra”. Click to enlarge

There are 5 more at a private park in South Africa near Kenya. This is the same are where the Hunt brothers caught Zoe’s mother years ago. The private park was started by the same Hunt family. The zebra herd (about 50 animals) is very inbred and they are deliberately breeding the same line to get blonds. Many are pinker muzzled and with very watered down pale eyes.

Unlike Zoe who has bold gold stripes and really blue eyes. Anyway that is the scoop on all we know and can verify. Thanks everyone for your input. Come visit Zoe and all the rest of the gang. Please share her image but post that she lives at Three Ring Ranch in Kona HI.

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