Hawaii Student Wins 2013 National Poison Prevent Week Poster Contest

Students from Georgia, Alabama and Hawaii found the right words and pictures to convey important messages about preventing poisonings – and they are being honored as the winners of the 2013 National Poison Prevention Week poster contest.

The Poison Prevention Week Council announced the following winners:

  • Grades kindergarten through two: Kayla Michelle Williams – Ellenwood, Georgia
  • Grades three through five: Chandan Makwana – Vinemont, Alabama
  • Grades six through eight: Rachelle Lariba – Kapolei, Hawaii

Winning poster submitted by Rachelle Lariba

National Poison Prevention Week, held the third week in March each year, is observed nationally to highlight the dangers of poisonings and how to prevent them. In honor of this awareness week, the Poison Prevention Week Council conducts a nationwide poster contest to educate the public about the dangers of poisonings and the importance of poison prevention.

The winning artwork in each division will be featured on the 2014 National Poison Prevention Week posters. First, second and third place winners in each division are posted online at www.poisonprevention.org/poster.htm.

Kayla Williams’ poster depicted various household scenarios where children can come into contact with hazardous substances. Her message: “Bad things happen to good people. Keep poisons out of [the] reach of children.”

Chandan Makwana drew a checklist of reminders on avoiding accidental poisonings for young and old alike. His message: “Poisonings span a lifetime. Poisons do not discriminate. Lock them away!”

Rachelle Lariba drew a vivid image about keeping poisonous substances out of the reach of children, along with a written reminder that “Children act fast. So do poisons.”

“The winning posters play an important role in our public awareness campaign each year,” said Nancy Bock, Poison Prevention Week Council Chair. “The Council is extremely proud of the winners and we are excited to share their posters with the public in an effort to teach others about poison safety,” added Bock, Senior Vice President of Education at the American Cleaning Institute.

The posters can be ordered on the Poison Prevention Week Council website at www.poisonprevention.org.

For more information, contact Nancy Bock, Chair, Poison Prevention Week Council at 202.662.2507 or nbock@cleaninginstitute.org.


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