Kona Marathon Partners with Other Big Island Endurance Events for Triple Crown Series

Kona Marathon announced today that they have partnered with the Big Island International Marathon and the Volcano Rain Forest Runs to create the Hawaii Triple Crown Half Marathon series.

Kona Marathon

Starting in 2014, participants who complete the Half Marathon at each event will have achieved the Triple Crown status. “Our goal is to provide our runners with the opportunity for a new challenge and for them to have fun doing it at the same time. It is a great way to see the island as an athlete as well as to stay fit and healthy.” Event Operations Director, David Ranck stated.

Each participant who completes the series will be rewarded with a Triple Crown medal, certificate and other prizes to be announced. “The award ceremony will take place after they complete the last event of 2014, the Volcano Rain Forest Run. We will celebrate their achievements in grand style,” said Sharron Faff, Director of both the Kona Marathon and Rain Forest Run.

The 2014 dates for each half marathon events are as follows: Big Island International Half Marathon March 16, Kona Half Marathon June 22 and Volcano Half Marathon August 16. The three half marathon events are scheduled perfectly for any trained athlete to run or walk each event. Additional information and registration is available at konamarathon.com.

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