Helicopter Crashes Near Hilo Airport

A helicopter landed hard in Hilo at 1:15 this afternoon at near the Hilo Airport.

Photo by Dustin Acdal

Photo by Dustin Acdal

Reports coming in is that “Paradise Helicopters in Hilo suffered a hard landing @ 1:15 pm resulting in the chopper on its side.”

Photo by Dustin Acdal

Photo by Dustin Acdal

There were five people on board, but no reported injuries.

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  1. Don’t know where to post this…so I’ll ask here. Did you hear any murder or mayhem in Leilani Estates this morning, early? I hear several police cars spent several hours on…Kupono St,(1down from the community center ) today. Usually, the police do not spend hours on burglary…so I’m wondering if you know of anything happening there this A.M.

    • Someone else reported an incident on Hai Hai Street today.

      I’m sure we have incidents all the time. I can’t keep on top of everything but post most of the stuff I do hear of. I myself didn’t hear of anything coming from the Leilani Estates folks that I know of.

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