Nice Boots… Homeless in Pahoa

Homeless in Pahoa by Sean King

The homeless problem is getting worse and worse all over the place and Pahoa has also been affected by it.  This picture was submitted to me the other day.  Today, I saw a guy walking down the street who had literally crapped his pants.

Anyone have any solutions to the problem?

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  1. I am homeless I don’t drink or do drugs , I don’t steal n I do what ever I can to help people , here is to the angry person with out a heart u will reap what u sow ! Why am I homeless I was once a very productive person until my accident , suffered brain damage , then found out I had very degenerative disk desease , next came cancer , housing to expensive , many years to wait for low income housing , iam tired of being robbed , threatened , verbally abused and all the other things by the likes of the ones who blogged their hatred above its almost a every day thing always wandering who’s going to attack me next always living in fear iam 58 yrs old that’s to the hate mongers who spread their hatred

  2. I wish I had an answer. You don’t want to give them so many services that it attracts even more folks like this to the area… but at times you need to provide for those that are already here.

    This property seems to really attract them in particular. I’m thinking condemnation of this property if something can’t eventually be done.

    (Pahoa could use some more parking)

  3. Compassion for losers? NO FRICKI’N WAY! I am so tired of my tax dollars going down the drain to help people who don’t appreciate what we do for them! They have a choice…we all do! I made my choice to become a hardworking responsible individual…they chose to be druggies & drunks! Give them a one way ticket outa hea! I am so tired of supporting the lazy low life’s!

  4. Laundry service or diapers.

  5. Suggestions? Hell, yeah: fix the government!

    That’s right, the same ass clowns that say we need to “tax the ‘rich’” [and anybody with half a brain can see the problem with the incredibly relative term "rich;" eventually, the term will apply to *you* and you'll have to empty *your* pockets] … tax, tax, tax … and help fight the “war” on poverty and homelessness are the same idiots who *enable* people like the DRUNK [politically incorrect term? too bad] in the picture to buy their booze (and hard drugs like heroin and meth) in the first place.

    And then they send them to the “joke” (that’s what one drunk I know said about the substance abuse agency he had just gotten done visiting for mandatory “treatment”—while laughing between swigs from his 40 ouncer) that BISAC is.

    That’s right, I’m not picking on BISAC, I’m calling them out and others of their ilk who squander millions of dollars—collectively—of hard working individuals’ money in the name of curing people who don’t want to be cured.

    Most of these “treatment” places are glorified revolving doors for these drunks and drug addicts who, as I alluded to above, get *paid* to be drunks and drug addicts.

    Thanks to the liberals who say we “have to do something,” we have a system that makes it profitable for people working in the “Fight Poverty and Homelessness” Industry.

    Ever hear of “Crazy Pay?” Most of these buggers get between $700 and $1000 a month. Cash. The reason? Their “disabled.” A real doctor (licensed and boarded in Hawaii) says the cannot work. Sadly, for most, their primary illness (that’s the PC term) is “alcoholism” or another addiction.

    One guy I know, “disabled,” gets his methadone every morning (“free” transportation there and back) and sees his drug dealer by noon.

    He’s not homeless; he gets “free” housing and, at least, he doesn’t walk around with shit in his pants or nod off on a sidewalk.

    Annually, Hawaii spends 100 million dollars to fight the war on homelessness. Guess what, most of the money goes to administrators and counselors and “experts” whose best efforts (good intentions or not) will leave us with *more* homeless people *this* year than *last* year.

    Just saying.

    We will always have poor people. I’m poor. Big deal. I don’t deserve your sympathy. I’m homeless. What’s the problem?

    None, except that I’m not part of the incredibly ineffective, impotent and self-serving (in many cases) efforts being made in the Fight Homeless Industry.

    And, rightfully so, I’m a misguided “liberal’s” worst nightmare.

    If I had it my way, thousands of people would have to get an honest job, homeless people would have to work for their drinks, and the one’s who drink too much and pass out would do so in the homes of the obnoxious, loudmouthed ass clowns who never cease to find endless ways to *preach* “compassion” and ways to be “generous” with … [wait for it] …other people’s money.

  6. As a friend, the solution to his problem is to wash his pants out, (sorry rude joke). Now the solution to the homeless problem would take months to years. Every homeless person is different, have different needs & problems. First off someone needs to go out & ask each individual how THEY could be helped, then address those amongst the office as far as what you could help the homeless with, you know what I mean as far as, well “as you could help them” or in other words “how much you could help them with” ( what’s in the budget’s limit) with what their needs, or problems are…… Address them: “What can I do to help you”, What do you need help with as far as getting you on your feet”, etc. these are just are some example questions. Of course shelter for the time being but you would need a plan of “THEIR NEEDS” in play. Rules would need to set, guide lines to follow etc. Wow, I’m tired of writing & your probably tired of reading something you already know but if you need help all you gotta do is ask & I’ll help as much as possible. Aloha Akoni-Melewina Nakila

  7. Even though the County swimming pool has a rule “no swim no shower.” The lifeguards let people take a shower as long as they don’t leave the place a mess. You’re right this is not their problem it’s all of our problem, but for the Grace of God goes I. Our church does an outreach program supplying hygiene items and towels to the homeless we would be willing to donate. Now if someone could donate a safe building and the people to man it..
    Nani Masaki

  8. Need to give them shelter with running water and decent toilet – shower facilities, especially if children are involved. Where is the compassion for our neighbors?

  9. maybe its time to get the homeless shelter involved and catholic charities involved or do some out reach anyone got a warehouse that can be converted into a shelter and we we can probaly find some free beds or cots ,the problem is not getting any better but worst and its time to cometogether to change it.. it will also promote safety for our community and puna just its self.. we need to find a way to make it clear that you cannot just come to hawaii with no anything,and expect to live but it can only be dont by consenius education as a community educating ourselves along with the homeless population on making puna a safer place to be.. its not one person needs to be all of us.

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