County of Hawaii Seeks Applications for Civil Defense Administrator

The County of Hawai‘i will open recruitment for the position of Hawai‘i County Civil Defense Administrator at midnight on Sunday, June 16.

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Electronic applications will be accepted at the county jobs website at

The Civil Defense Administrator is responsible for county civil defense programs under the direction of the Mayor, including the development and maintenance of plans for the operation of government and related agencies in times of emergencies. The administrator also coordinates programs with agencies of federal and state governments.

Retired Hawai‘i County Fire Chief Darryl Oliveira has been serving as acting Civil Defense Administrator since Jan. 9, and will remain in that role until a permanent administrator is selected.

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  1. county no does civil defense right either, make parking lot pay mayor niece $300,000 say “haole go home” and “fukoff” couple guys ok talk ok to tourist, but then all the fraud tours, the 75 illegal shanty house shacks illegal haolie make at kalapana, multiple murders with dead japan guy murder by yosa and fed police and now boaz constrictor does jane royal!

    damon on boaz thing – should tell family, was illegal for kids to be out there, is evacuation restricted area, no can buy lot or build house there, all those shacks are illegal, and the cops watch them tight! your kid do tour, major illegal, many illegal tours take tourists get hurt, only one large group has state say go. your kids camp illegal, INSIDE RESTRICTED ACCESS try buy condemned lot illegal sale build house like illegal shanties! and no drug use by kids who go to puna! ha!

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