Mysterious Object Off Puna Coast Has Residents Wanting Answers

About three days ago, someone reported a strange object off the coast of Puna.  It was reported to me as a strange yellow looking type of buoy.  I finally got a chance to go down and take some pictures of this thing and it has me baffled as to what it could be.

This is where I pulled over and parked... you can just barely see the object in this picture.  (click a couple times to enlarge)

This is where I pulled over and parked… you can just barely see the object in this picture. (click a couple times to enlarge)

I got out of my car and tried to take some pictures with my iPhone of the object but they obviously didn’t turn out very well:

Puna Buoy

I’d say the object was about 200 feet off shore and it was round with some sort of antenna that was about 3 feet tall sticking up from the top of it.

What is this thing?

What is this thing?

Here is where it is located:

Red dot is approximate location

Red dot is approximate location

Anyone have any ideas what it is and/or who put it there?  From what I have heard… it’s been there for at least three weeks now.

UPDATE (I just received the following on Facebook)

Round-ish yellow buoy, antenna, stationary…my guess is a tidal or weather buoy probably belongs to NOAA. There are some similar to your description near here.

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  2. The buoy is a FAD ( FISH AGGREGATING DEVICE) deployed by the State of Hawaii. It is anchored off the coast to attract small fish that in turn attract larger fish for harvest by commercial & recreational fisherman. Vary valuable to the State and to Fisherman alike for reasons such as fuel prices etc.. They sometimes break off and are redeployed if found. Will have a identifiable letter on the sides.

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