Idaho Couple Who Was Found Safe… Mother Received Disturbing Mysterious Call in Middle of Night

According to AP Reports:

…Kevin Butler, 21, and Kimberly Linder, 18, contacted their parents Wednesday evening, hours after police asked for help locating them, Linder’s mother, Christine Cearley, told The Associated Press Thursday. 

Hawaii County police previously said both from McCall, Idaho, but Linder’s mother said she is from Oakdale, Calif.The couple had checked out of their Kona hotel on Friday and told their families they planned to a camp in a tent in a valley, part of a backpacking adventure exploring Hawaii’s Big Island.”Everything was great,” Cearley said. “Except that a couple of days ago, Kevin’s mom received a call in the middle of the night basically saying someone had her kid.  “Their families weren’t able to reach them and saw that Butler’s bank account was overdrawn, Cearley said, so they contacted police. When police began investigating, they told Cearley there was an unidentified body matching her daughter’s description.

Meanwhile, Linder’s relatives were making plans to travel to Hawaii to search for them. That’s when Cearley got a text message from Linder saying they were OK, followed by a phone call, saying they didn’t have any cellphone reception while camping in Waipio Valley and had no idea anyone was looking for them until they later retrieved frantic phone messages.”‘We came down from the mountain and our cellphones were blowing up,'” Cearley recalled her daughter saying.

People in the Honokaa area spotted the couple and notified police, who met with them and checked their identification.The couple doesn’t know anything about the disturbing call from a man’s voice using a blocked number, claiming to have Butler, Cearley said…

Full article here:  Big Island Campers Found Safe, Unaware of Search

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  1. This happened before, with a couple from the SF Bay area back in February, when they were out of contact with *their* mommy and daddy while in the uncharted jungles of South America.

    Who’d have “thunk” it?

    Cell phone sissies. That’s what we’ve become.

    Back when I was a kid, we could “disappear” for a week at a time—our whole family. And police would not get involved.

    Of course, gramma and grampa didn’t have access to mommy and daddy’s bank account, back in those days. And, if it *was* overdrawn, that would be my *dad’s* problem. My dad was not some “trustafarian” or “trust fund baby,” that’s for sure!

    That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

    And, phone? The *one* phone that we had was—at home.

    Safely mounted on the kitchen wall, while us kids and adults had … [wait for it] … “disappeared,” on vacation, up in northern Wisconsin.

    No cell phone needed, or wanted. No friends or family panicking and unnecessarily involving expensive police and rescue team involvement.

    Today’s “moms and dads” … along with their kids? Most of ‘em? SISSIES.

    Cell phone sissies.

    Ok. I’m done now.

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