Victim in Alleged “M” Nightclub Beating Speaks Up – Pictures of Incident

I’ve been in contact with Shane Busby for the last 9 months since he was allegedly busted up at the “M” nightclub in Honolulu by the part-owner Michael Miske, Jr.

During the recent Pro-Bowl that happened here in Honolulu, NFL Player Trent Williams was also allegedly assaulted by the same owner.

Shane Busby 1

Shane Busby 3

Tonight on Facebook Shane Busby released the following information to me and below it is the original e-mail he sent me over 9 months ago:

Full story goes like this, My girlfriend flies in that morning from Australia, and she wants to go out to M, as it is marketed as one of the ritzier clubs here in Honolulu so, because I usually take pictures, and do video at clubs, I ask my friend (promoter eightball) if he wants to go out that night, and if he can get us a hook up on bottle service at M the promoter that night, was/is Flash and he texts back, “If your group purchases a bottle at $300, I will comp an extra bottle”

The night goes well, and towards 2:30ish the bill is brought to our table and it has both bottles, I politely tell the waitress that I was told I would be comped a bottle, so she walks off to investigate.

Soon after Mike Miske and about 7 of his security show up, pull me out of the booth that I am sitting in, and repeatedly punch me in the sides..while taking me to the tables outside

Mike sits me down and the waitress (NAME DELETED  – DT) brings the bill back. Mike tells me “you will pay this bill or else”

I look at him (now with multiple bruised ribs) and tell him “you’ve already beat me up, or else what? Are you going to kill me?”

He just stares at me.

So, I sign “FUCK SECURITY” in big letters on the bill because if they’re going to throw me in a ditch at least there is a paper trail to where I was, and where my last conflict was…that is assuming they decide to keep the check

Mike looks at the bill, says “Fuck Security?!” out loud, and waves his henchmen over…and they start laying into me again

One of them gets within my circle, so from my military training, I grab him, hold him in between me and the other security guards, and walk back towards the main entrance When I get there I tell securitas to call the police, these people are trying to mug me


Shane Busby

Front security comes out and pretends that nothing is happening, and that they are concerned…while they do that, someone in an untucked black polo (same setup as security) comes out, shakes hands with the front security…then lays into me, knocking out my front teeth, hitting my g/f in the process etc.


Shane Busby

(Eightball, Cris Perez, and my g/f were kicked out from the table, when I was grabbed and were waiting out front when I got there)

Securitas got my information, before this guy tackled me, and then laid pinned him down while Cris takes me to his car and drives me to Tripler.

Apparently Securitas (officer’s name was joe) has no recollection of who this person was, never got his information

M was posting that the night of the incident they had video and I was being a drunken idiot, however when the detective came to investigate all video had been deleted


Shane Busby

I work at these places regularly, if Mike had come to my table, and said “Im sorry, Flash isn’t authorized to comp people bottles” I would have asked the other 4 people in my party for more cash (everyone pretty much ponied up $100 cash for the night, and I had no intention of using my card) we would have been on our way, and probably would have come back


Shane Busby


^^this is our waitress. She approached me a few weeks ago at another event and said if there was any way she could help out anonymously, she would

But apparently Mike is not against showing up at people’s doorstep and doing the same thing he did that night to me at M, so shes scared to death of him


^^She claims she was roofied by M security, and when her roomie tried to get her out, they beat him up


^^she is a Special Ed teacher at (SCHOOL NAME DETRACTED – DT) …her case is the one that is currently in the news.


^^He was the main one they attacked at M with Theresa. He had broken ribs, kidney damage, etc


Damon Tucker

Ok… so are you comfortable w/ me posting this all on my site?


Shane Busby

I’m fine with it


Shane Busby 2

This is the email he sent me long before NFL Player Trent Williams was also allegedly assaulted by the same person:

From: shane busby To: damon tucker Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 9:01 AM Subject: Beating at the M

Hey, sorry about last night. I was a little confused as to whether you wanted a copy of the official statement from the police report, or my story of what happened.

Here is the full and dirty:
Promoter flash (also used to be radio host on 93.9 the zone’s morning show before they had the format change) had promised my friend (promoter eightball) that if we dropped by M for his event, he would comp us a bottle, if we purchased one. So, we get our two bottles and go merrily on our way drinking them. About an hour before everything went down, I noticed my stomach was not taking kindly to a straight vodka shot, so I poured myself some straight cranberry juice drinks (from the mixers we had at the table) and once my stomach settled I ordered a beer. I continued to babysit my beer until the tab came. When it did, it had both bottles (at a price of $300 each) on the tab. My friend, Eightball saw this, and said he would find Flash and get everything settled. I gave the waitress all the cash I had been handed for the night, ($300, plus another $40) for the time being. Next thing I know, (apparently the owner) comes up to me in a white shirt surrounded by security telling me “not to talk to his waitress like that” I look at him and say, “like what? I never said anything.” Because of the corner location of the table, security grabs me by all sides, and has issues pulling me out, as they are pulling against each other. They then bring me into the circle and start punching my chest. They throw me onto the empty patio out back, and sit me down. I keep my hands above my head, and the owner keeps telling me I “roughed up one of his guys.” Im all of 5’8 150lbs. Roughing up in a circle of 5-7 security guards is not an idea I like. I am brought the bill by our waitress, told Im going to sign it “or else.” I look at the “owner” and say, “or what, you’re going to kill me?” He just looks sternly at me. So I sign the bill, and write “fuck security” on the tab, as Im being forced to sign it under duress, and well, at the time I couldnt think of anything else to write on the bill, to show what had happened, if I did wind up missing in the morning. The owner grabs the bill, and says “fuck security huh?” and then they continue to go at punching me in the back. I recall grabbing one person pushing them out of the way, and making a run for the side door. When I get there, my g/f and friend (eightball) are standing out front. Securitas is close by. I make sure to go to them, trying to get the cops called. While I am talking to them, some security from the club comes up to me and says “we want to help.” Im standing, telling the story, and some guy walks up, shakes hands with club security, then out of nowhere punches me, and gets my g/f on the follow through. This is where my teeth got messed up. Securitas puts this guy on the ground, and I get hauled off to the parking lot to get taken to tripler, as its obvious the safe place for me is not anywhere near that club. At Tripler I was treated for: Closed head injury, Physical Assault, Multiple Abrasions, Dental fracture, and a Single Contusion with soft tissue hematoma to the head. At approximately 8am I was seen by HPD to give a statement, and I was released from the Hospital about 10am. When we were talking to securitas outside the club, M security kept saying I hit one of their guys. I never raised my hand at any of their people. I only pushed one out of the way when I was getting the second beating. This guy shows up with a cute little band-aid above his eye saying I hit him. I keep posting pics of my knuckles because anyone that has hit someone in the face, or been hit in the face knows your knuckles will get just as messed up as their head.
A friend of mine received a text from out waitress asking what the hell happened. He showed me this in the parking lot as we left.
Upon posting these things, I got a message from a friend of our waitress, that said this:
ya she told me she didnt know what happened. something like flash told you guys it was buy one get one free. and then the owner told her no and insisted she charge you for both. and then she got it taken off by the manager and the owner i guess didn’t like that and went to handle things on his own. she didn’t know what was happening she just heard after the fact what happened. sorry idk what to say. the m owner is pretty sketchy and is known for this kind of shit
yea, If your friend would testify in court, I have a felony assault case in the works
  • shes scared of the owner and losing her job and what he could do to her and she really doesnt know. like she didnt know that he was talking to you until she had to go find u to give the bill
  • sorry
    sounds like she should quit anyway
    • ya ive been trying to tell her that but needs to make some decent money and she pays all her own business so its all she can do for now. m is super sketchy
    • but the owner is known for this kind of shit theres a lot of ppl hes beaten up but he usually threatens them so thats why nothings happened. probably said a lot more than i should. but hes pretty thuggish. and not really someone u wanna mess with. i wouldn’t take it unless u know hes gonna get locked up. ive heard some pretty scary stories from all sorts of ppl

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  1. For all those who have been supportive; Aloha nui loa. To those that don’t have kind words to say; I apologize for whatever circumstances made you think that way. 6 years in the islands taught me quite a bit about myself, and how to truly love life, and “live aloha,” as the saying goes. I regularly get messages from people who have gone through something similar at this venue, only to find my story after they search for other incidents. I don’t want money, I only want to make sure that this situation never happens to another person again. This seems to happen every Friday/Saturday night to both men and women, locals and mainlanders. For those that have had something happen, I highly recommend pressing charges, taking pictures, and making things public. There are too many of us for them to go through with the threats that have been made.

  2. it’s been said all over town that M Nightclub is merely a front for meth and coke trafficking. no surprises here.

  3. Leave it up to God…it might just burn down…electrical problem in their club. This is why I don’t do clubs….there’s always a fight no matter what club u go to. Some people just shouldn’t drink.

  4. Note to the guy who writes and repost crap on here. Our comments wait moderation how can you accept the IDIOT who commented first? No aloha at all. As for my thoughts on this, Yes many foreigners act a fool but some don’t. Unacceptable actions. Then there is the flip side, many foreigners do drink alot and get crazy without even knowing it as an ADULT you should escort them out send them home or if its money issue have a responsible person who came with them pay for it. Hitting a woman? Come on, Were u raised by fckn a btcha$$ dad who use to rag doll yo mom around?? Dont repeat the cycle of idiots. So much going on. BTW, He serves our Country trying to protect us. He should get the respect he deserves.

  5. Ghetto. This is nothing new. Racist Hawaiian beaten u on white people. Aloha! The same thing if I were in other white majority cities in the US.

  6. yeah if ur being a dumb haole and not paying for your mistakes in your cash, you better be prepped to pay wit ur fake-ass military training & bitch-boy face. people like this need to gtfo hawaii. stupid cycle keeps shipping in more bottles and more doofuses. securitas shoulda broke dis fakkas knuckles

    • Justen you sound real intelligent.

    • You probably one of the security as evidenced by your shitty spelling and stupid racist remarks.

    • STFU ! You sound dumb, learn how to spell. Make us Polynesian people look really stupid. Go back to school, and then go to church. We are all about Aloha,we do have sketchy security.

    • Justen, I really hope you’re not Hawaiian or you’re an embarrassment to our people. You show the rest of the world an image of ignorance and malice in a people with a reputation of having love, respect, and ALOHA (google it). I hope YOU “gtfo” and stop embarrassing yourself and us.

    • There ya have it, folks.

      PS Yo momma spelled yo name wrong.

  7. I was wondering how I could contact Shane busby because a similar incident like this happened to me and my friends last nightt

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