Staying at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and Coming Away With Money!

Last week I went to Las Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party and we stayed at the “New”  Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Outside the Tropicana

I say “new” because it’s recently gone through a huge remodel and everyone that I spoke to around the place that were regulars at the place talked about how nice it had become of late.


Big Island resident and famous comedian Roseanne Barr is currently doing shows at the world famous comedy club the “Laugh Factory” at 7pm on many nights.  We went later in the evening and caught some other comics that had us laughing pretty hard.

Laugh Factory

Of course most folks tend to gamble in Vegas and I have to say the Tropicana dealers were especially kind to me.  Especially a dealer named “Tracey S.” that actually seemed more interested in peoples life’s then just bringing in money to the resort.  She really tried her best to explain the game clearly to those that were not very experienced at it and as someone who has lost money in the past do to some sneaky dealers… I appreciate a dealer that is honest about what they are doing!


They are still in the process of remodeling a restaurant that I have heard will become a buffet.  The pool at the Tropicana has consistently been ranked as one of the top pools on the strip.

Tropicana Pool

I got an excellent rate at the place because my friend had a bunch of rooms reserved under his name for his bachelor party so I’m glad I didn’t have to spend a lot for my rooms, however, when I looked at what the price of the rooms would have cost me… it was pretty reasonable for the time of the year and the location on the strip.

I did pretty good at the tables and I figure that after all of my expenses including airfare, hotel, food and entertainment… I came out about $600.00 bucks ahead for five days.  The real joy was spending time with folks I hadn’t seen in a long time… that was priceless!

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