Big Island Police Identify North Carolina Man Who Died From High Voltage Electrocution


Hawaiʻi Island police have identified the man who died in an industrial accident in Mountain View on April 25 as 56-year-old Yves Morel of Raleigh, North Carolina.

An autopsy conducted Friday (April 26) determined that he died from high voltage electrocution


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  1. When I read the original article mentioning the accident, I thought to myself, “how could that have happened?” Of course, it was an accident. Nobody would be *intentionally* careless and get their self electrocuted.

    Just the same, I was wondering who the victim was and what would have prompted him to feel that he could inspect a water heater installation—knowledgeably *and* safely.

    Now, I know.

    After dong a little investigation online, it turns out the victim was an engineer working for Seimens—a *Senior Design Engineer,* no less, with an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering!

    Go figure.

    • Hey man that was a great man, very smart and one of the top electrical engineers in the country. He really knew what he was doing and no ones knows what exactly happened that day yet.

      So WERE YOU THERE to think you can be part of our lives by making comments when you have no idea of what happened in the first place??

      What is your background by insinuating what you think really happened??

      By saying GO FIGURE…you must really have no life by making comments about a person you didn’t even know and not even thinking that perhaps FAMILY MEMBERS are still really hurt by his sudden death of an ACCIDENT which could happen to any of us and would read your ignorant and heartless opinion on this matter.

      Really you actually googled it….and post something about it when again it has not been resolved yet…REALLY DUDE YOU HAVE NO LIFE WHATSOEVER…

      How about you keep your unnecessary thoughts to yourself or how about go hurt your own family…

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