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Hawaii Crop Improvement Association Statement on Anti-GMO Marches Across the State

Hawaii Crop Improvement Association statement on Anti-GMO Marches Across the State:


“Organizers of these anti-GMO and evict Monsanto marches are creating a hostile environment in our communities by using scare tactics and spreading misinformation. It is not pono to rally support for an agenda by repeating myths and exaggerations to our Hawaii communities. It is also unfortunate that misleading and false claims made by these activist groups are often repeated by mainstream media without verification of their accuracy.

“We value the concerns of the public and work to address these concerns through informative and respectful dialogue based on facts and proven studies. We also respect freedom of speech; however, we believe the community would be better served if they were provided facts instead of myths and false accusations.

Some of those facts include:

  • To date, people have consumed more than 3 trillion servings of foods produced using biotechnology, without one documented case of illness resulting from these foods.
  • Seed farmers keep agricultural land in agricultural use, with plenty of land available for other farmers. Seed farmers own or lease approximately 5 percent of the available prime agricultural land in Hawaii.
  • GMOs are some of the most extensively tested and federally regulated of all crops, so we actually know more about their safety than many other types of crops, including conventional and organic.”

Alicia Maluafiti, Executive Director of Hawaii Crop Improvement Association

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32 Responses

  1. […] Maluafiti,  Executive Director of the Hawai’i Crop Improvement Association sent out a news release on 3/16 responding to the Monsanto Marches on Kauai and Hawai’i Island.  While everyone is entitled to their opinion in the US, we do disagree with her […]

  2. This is the oldest trick in the book. Corporations often create organizations such as HCIA to be the front man for them. This way the corporation can dodge all the negative attention. A good example is the gun manufacturers. They created a little organization called the American Rifle Association to take all their flack. In all the arguments about gun control we have been having have you even once heard Smith and Wesson or Colt. No, the phony front organization, HCIA does the dirty work.

  3. To everyone posting here: URGENT: Please take the time to offer your support for GMO labeling here for the hearing that has been scheduled at the last minute:


    **Testimony is due by 9am TOMORROW/ Wednesday** for the hearing to take place Thursday 9 am. late testimony is accepted but may be posted after decision making. Testimony in person Thursday is even better.

    info below

  4. She’s a lobbiest. She’s being paid by monsanto to spread lies and misinformation and confusion. It’s her job. She is accepting money to act against people. Their illnesses are her legacy. She is acting against herself.

  5. What a f*cking joke. At least write a more believable article next time. Even your own workers are starting to see that this is complete crap.

  6. I was just looking at HCIA’s YouTube page, and their bio says:
    “The HCIA, comprised of member seed companies Dow AgroScience, Monsanto, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Syngenta and BASF, are proud members of Hawaii’s agricultural and life sciences industries. Please visit our site and learn more about the Hawaii seed industry and agriculture biotechnology.”

    So basically they are a propaganda group for all the poison companies, NOT an association of farmers or anyone actually planting seeds.

  7. Label it then!!!!she getting paid to talk silly!!!!

  8. Well label it then!! Why are countries around the world banning GMO?? Because of activist spreading fear?? I don’t think so
    It’s cause we don’t want them. Look at the track record of Dow chemical alone!!! Shame on you for saying the activist are using scare tactics. We want organic food!!!
    Why did Dow pay out 400 million last year?? Chemicals that make people sterile!! Google the history of Dow. Where there Dow, death follows!! Fact!!!!!
    You say it’s safe because the only studies up till a few years ago were done only by these perpetrators alone. Now the evidence is out there. It doesn’t take much to find out the truth.
    We do not use scare tactics! We simply don’t want bio tech here!! We want organic!!
    We march peacefully with aloha using out 1st amendment rights!
    Your group supports chemical tyrants!!!

  9. Trillions of servings yet not one trackable illness b/c there is no labeling. We are peaceful family people who have decided to now stand up and protest being force-fed pesticides engineered into food, as the GMO Bt insecticide has now been shown to be present in human blood. Label and see how many really choose to eat your poison.

  10. Alicia, honey, the people of Hawaii are speaking to you collectively. I suggest you clean out your ears and start listening. This is about Freedom to Choose and letting the free market decide.

  11. So simply label them and let the consumer decide! If you and others feel that these GMOs are such a grand thing, then what is there to fear?!

  12. Excuse me, the orginizers of these marches are responding with great aloha ! To actions private corporations have made that have already created an extremely hostile environment to all life, plants animals, and people . First came the toxins, now the peoples voice be known. Get your evil money elsewhere, its never ok to poison the land for untold generations!!! This propaganda is a sad attempt at flipping the issue… No one goes by a fire, and blames the fire fighters. Except lieing self serving propagandists!!!

  13. I noticed she forgot to mention the over 40 pesticides they spray daily. The run-off into our streams and ocean.
    The children getting sick at school when they sprayed nearby, or the new research out of Canada proving the GMO corn has no nutrional value. The tide has turned on these parasites. Hawaii is rising up and saying A’OLE GMO. We are not hostile, we are determined.

  14. What a Joke! She must actually believe all the lies from these companies!… Unreal! – The organizers of these marches are the ones creating a peaceful demonstration against your hostile treatment of as much as 60,000 acres of our prime ag lands!! The hostile take over our food production of which you are supporting. You will not get off light – you WILL be held accountable for your involvement, corruption and direct violation of our state constitution. Its unsurprising but disgraceful that you would perpetuate your lies and then say that the other side is the one presenting myths. What myths are you exactly talking about – this political speak of saying absolutely nothing at all has gone to far. What myths – if you want to get to some sort of truth, start being open, start being clear. Lets discuss…

  15. To the people of Hawaii… use your heart when it comes to the land you love and the people you care about. Poisoning the aina and feeding our loved ones pesticides is more hostile than spreading awareness about Monsanto. <3

  16. Well, one basic question should be, who is the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association? And who is their Executive Director Alicia Maluafiti who is quoted so often defending the GMO industry in Hawaii? I did some research for last year’s legislative session and was surprised to find out the they were a lobbying group consisting of lobbyists from all the GMO corporations active in Hawaii. And unfortunately, that means the new Big Five, the Big Five of global GMO.

    Here’s the article I wrote then. The only difference is that Syngenta’s Phillipson has rotated out and replaced last year’s Perlak of Monsanto as President.

    Competing GMO corporations sit at the same table in Hawaii:

  17. Just like all the old banned substances that Monsanto, Dow and the others produced like DDT,Agent Orange, PCB’s & Dioxins that seemed perfectly safe during their inception but where later found to be deadly posions. This will indeed be the long term effects of GMO’s and the excessive amounts of pesticides that the agrochemical companies produce and GMO’s require to grow them Besides what more proof does one need when GMO prodcuction has been halted in 31 counties and labels are require in 62 of them including CHINA?

  18. if poison your pleasure then spray on.if nature your guide then tread gently thy life depends upon thee ,your children and earth shall always remember what you did! thought thee trample the land that gave you life,wesuffer thy indulgences.may eternity have mercy on thy soul

  19. Straight B.S. media is bought by Monsanto and GMObama

  20. I wonder if the “Hawaii Crop Improvement Association” would care to disclose how much money in “contributions” they have accepted from Monsanto and what “farmers” they actually represent?

  21. i would like to know where ms mauluafiti get her facts? 3 trillion servings of food? was this from mc donalds (over 3 trillion served)? i would like hear her and dr. hector valenzuela engage in an honest dialogue about our concerns about the excessive use of pesticides that these ‘seed farmers’ use

    • ~To date, people have consumed more than 3 trillion servings of foods produced using biotechnology, without one documented case of illness resulting from these foods.
      R: (ITs not the foods themselves that are as much of a concern as the soil contamination and environmental contamination by the antibiotic resistant bacteria strains used to transfer the DNA)
      ~Seed farmers keep agricultural land in agricultural use, with plenty of land available for other farmers. Seed farmers own or lease approximately 5 percent of the available prime agricultural land in Hawaii.
      R: (Because they have the $..)

      ~GMOs are some of the most extensively tested and federally regulated of all crops, so we actually know more about their safety than many other types of crops, including conventional and organic.”
      R: (Good~ like anything else that is new and unnatural, they are most tested because they should be.)

      • Two children died in the last week from allergic reactions. Could it be the #GMOs? Without labels, there is no accountability. #nogmos http://blogs.prevention.com/inspired-bites/2013/03/18/for-the-allergic-food-proteins-are-bullets/

      • More than 300 scientific tests have been done on GMO food and they all prove that they are harmful to animals and human consumption, also the pesticides the Biotech Companies are spraying on open fields near schools and neighborhoods are poisoning the Land ,the drinking water,killing the reefs,killing the bees, creating allergies, and the list goes on and on…
        The GMo crops can’t co-exist with organic and sustainable agriculture. So if you are so proud of your Poison, why won’t you label it? We don’t need another Agent Orange crippling Poison.
        GMO are $eeds of Greed and Hawaii is about sustainability and Aloha!

  22. Wow! Sounds like a press release straight from Momsanto—or somebody shilling for them!

    I thought maybe there would be some news. Something pertinent. Maybe something related to events that are already *old* news—like certain GMO foods already banned in the EU?


    Nothing to see here except [from The “If-it-says-so-on-the-Internet-it-must-be-true” Department] “the facts.”

    Run along now, let another big corporation have their way and do anything they desire. Don’t dispute anything.

    Oh, and this just in: Global Warming a big hoax! So, business as usual!

    • Seriously, is this the best you can come up with, with all the millions you spend on your marketing spin. They are reaching…for control of the worlds food supply.

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