House Passes Bills Supporting Big Island Initiatives

Legislation Introduced by Big Island Lawmakers Now Move to the Senate

Several bills that deal specifically with issues of concern to Big Island residents passed their final vote in the House today and will be sent to the Senate for their consideration.


Included are:

HB 417 HD2 seeks to address the shortage of primary care providers and improve access to healthcare in general by appropriating funds for the interdisciplinary Hawaii Health Systems Corporation Primary Care Training Program at Hilo Medical Center.

HB 414 HD2 would establish a Waipio Valley Commission to advise the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) on the development of a long term plan to ensure the proper stewardship and maintenance of Waipio Valley. The bill also appropriates funds to conduct a flood study and propose flood mitigation methods for the valley.

HB 20 HD1 seeks to protect public health and safety at Kua Bay, Kekaha Kai State Park, by appropriating funds for the employment of lifeguards.

HB 106 HD2 proposes to provide a detailed permitting process for geothermal resources development that, among other things, explicitly authorizes the counties to establish more stringent ordinances on geothermal development.

The Big Island¬† Representatives¬† (Rep. Mark Nakashima, Rep. Clift Tsuji, Rep. Richard Onishi, Rep. Faye Hanohano, Rep. Denny Coffman, Rep. Nicole Lowen and Rep Cindy Evans)said they were pleased that the measures were approved by the House, “these bills protect the environment and resources of our island and provide for the health and safety of our residents,” they said.

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