Multiple Lava Streams Enter the Ocean Near Base of Kilauea

Here is the latest USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Report:

Multiple lava streams entering the ocean, and breakouts near the base of the pali

Several streams of lava were entering the water near Kupapa`u Point. Here at the eastern end of the ocean entry a narrow stream is battered by the surf.

Breakouts near the shoreline have diminished over the past week, but surface flows remain active closer to the base of the pali on the coastal plain.


Hawaii “HI-5” Recycling Alert – Large Gatorade Bottles May Not be Refundable

Just a quick warning to Hawaii residents who may purchase the large containers of Gatorade here in Hawaii… at least on the Big Island at certain stores!

GatoradeYou may get charged the “HI-5” deposit fees for these large containers of Gatorade…. however, many of these containers may not be redeemable at local recycling centers due to them not having Hawaii printed on the labels… (However, other states are printed on them)

If you are charged a tax on these containers… I was told you need to take your receipt to the customer service place of the store you purchased them from.