National Park Service Releases Final Plan & EIS for Protecting and Restoring Native Ecosystems by Managing Non-Native Ungulates

The National Park Service (NPS) has released a Final Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (plan/EIS) for Protecting and Restoring Native Ecosystems by Managing Non-Native Ungulates in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park.

Volcanoe EIS

The plan provides a park-wide framework to systematically guide non-native ungulate management activities in a manner that supports long-term ecosystem protection, supports natural ecosystem recovery and provides desirable conditions for active ecosystem restoration. It also supports protection and preservation of cultural resources.

The NPS’s preferred alternative includes a progression of management phases, monitoring, and considerations for the use of management tools; a population objective of zero non-native ungulates, or as low as practicable, in managed areas; complete boundary fencing for Kahuku and ‘Ōla‘a rainforest; and potential use of localized internal fencing to assist in the control of non-native ungulates. Control techniques would be primarily lethal, but non-lethal techniques could also be considered. Volunteer programs would continue, but modifications would be required for lethal removal programs to meet current NPS practices.

The plan/EIS is available online: After a required 30-day waiting period following release of the plan/EIS, the NPS will finalize its choice of alternative in a record of decision.


2 Responses

  1. Cultiral resources include the ungulets!
    Let our obedience to the heavenly Father bring blessings into our lives and disobedience to Him bring just the opposit.
    Word of YHVH.

    • Hey Joel:

      Don’t feel bad, it’s OK to be a religious fanatic.

      And, by the way, it’s also OK to *not* be a religious fanatic. Just saying.

      You need to read your Bible more. Good things, in fact, happen to “bad” people and bad things do happen to “good” people. Christ said so, Himself. Remember His comments about the “sun shining” and the “rain fallilng” … on the “just and unjust?”

      The “righteous and the unrighteous?”


      Your obscure reference to “blessings” and “the opposit [sic]” betray a theology that is un-Biblical and outright false.

      Again, just saying.

      Of course, you might be one of those fanatics that beleive Yahweh “punishes” evil doers and rewards those who suck up to Him/Her.

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