Seeing Highway 130 at Night in the Rain – A Community Member Speaks Up

*1/22/13 UPDATE See Senator Ruderman’s reply below*

More Highway 130 Concerns by a local resident:

Lighting along Highway 130 is a concern for local residents.

Lighting along Highway 130 is a concern for local residents.

Aloha Damon,

I would like to ask you for advice and assistance concerning Highway 130’s need more reflectors and streetlights.

My wife’s drive home from work every night from Kea’au to Pahoa is treacherous because whole sections of the road are missing reflectors and/or street lights on one or both sides. The roadway around the entrance to Ainaloa is what the rest of the highway should be like.

I’ve already written to Ruderman a couple weeks ago and received no response yet.  I was thinking about handing out postcards around town with Ruderman’s address on one side and note requesting reflectors on the other requiring only a signature and stamp.

I was also thinking sign waving and handing out the postcards on Fridays at the bottleneck.


Theodore Banta, Pahoa, Hawaii


On behalf of Senator Ruderman, we request that a correction to be made to the January 21, 2013 post “Seeing Highway 130 at Night in the Rain – A Community Member Speaks Up.” On January 18, Senator Ruderman did reply to Mr. Banta’s facebook message copied below and attached.

In the reply, Senator Ruderman apologized to Mr. Banta for the delay in replying to his message concerning the dangerous driving conditions faced by his wife at night. Senator Ruderman has been very busy preparing for the 2013 legislative session, but has still made a great effort to respond personally to scores of calls and emails from constituents through official means of contact. It has taken some time for our staff to transition the former campaign facebook account into a formal channel of communication, according to Hawaii State Senate rules, but we will strive for more prompt replies via facebook in the future.

We would greatly appreciate if you could communicate to constituents that the best way to ensure their concerns about District 2 are responded to promptly are to contact Senator Ruderman:


1.       Via email at:                             

2.       Toll free telephone at:                   974-4000 x66890

3.       By post at:                                          Senator Russell Ruderman, Hawaii State Capitol, 415 S. Beretania St. Rm. #217, Honolulu HI 96813.


2013 Pro Bowl Trophy Photo Ops at Wolfgang’s in Waikiki

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfang Zwiener at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki is, once again, the official Pro Bowl 2012 Trophy Host from January 22-26, 2012.  Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was also the official home of the trophy last two years.

Wolfgang Probowl party

“Obama: A Beautiful American Day” – Produced by Damon Williams of the Big Island

Damon Williams was born with the love of music is in his heart and soul. His career has been an impressive balance of performing and producing.

Damon Williams

Damon Williams

In 2008 Damon produced Hi Town, who received 2 Na Hoku nominations and 2 Hawaiian Music Awards.  And this Big Island musician has just completed a song entitled “Obama: A Beautiful American Day” which is a tribute to president Obama and to the people of Hawaii as well. No matter your politics, the song is worth listening to and owning.

You can check out the song here:

The image that goes with the song was done by artist David Macaluso and was made using used motor oil.

The image that goes with the song was done by artist David Macaluso and was made using used motor oil.

Damon Williams web site


Bill Introduced to Bring $65 Million for Capital Improvements Projects to Puna Area

Senator Russell Ruderman has introduced Senate Bill 377 that would bring over $65 million dollars for capital improvement projects to the Puna District.

Senate Bill 377

Senate Bill 377 (Click to Read)

SECTION 1.  The director of finance is authorized to issue general obligation bonds in the sum of $67,550,000 or so much thereof as may be necessary, and the same sum or so much thereof as may be necessary is appropriated for fiscal year 2013-2014 for the purpose of capital improvement projects for the second senatorial district, as follows:

1.   Traffic Signal at the Pahoa Bypass/Post Office Road Intersection – Plans, design, construction, materials, and equipment    $2,000,000

Total funding                              $2,000,000

2.   Albizia Tree Control in Hawaii County – Funding to Hawaii Island Invasive Species Council

Total funding                                $200,000

3.   Pohoiki Swimming Area, Puna TMK (3) 1‑4-002:008 – Planning, feasibility, engineering, and initial design to develop a safe swimming area at Pohoiki Boat Ramp and Isaac Hale Beach Park     $250,000

Total funding                                $250,000

4.   Hawaiian Paradise Park Elementary School, Phase I -Plans, design, and construction $20,000,000

Total funding                             $20,000,000

5.   Puna Medical Center Emergency Room – Plans and design                   $100,000

Total funding                                $100,000

6.   Pahoa Wastewater Treatment Plant – Plans, design, and construction $15,000,000

Total funding                             $15,000,000

7.   Highway 130 Improvements – Department of Transportation – Widening of the highway and other improvements     $25,000,000

Total funding                             $25,000,000

8.   Puna Makai Alternate Route – Emergency Route on the Old Railroad Easement – Plans and design for an alternate route connecting Puna to Hilo          $5,000,000

Total funding                              $5,000,000