Waimea Artists’ Guild Program at Kanu O Ka ‘Āina School – “Cordage & Lashing”

Waimea Artists’ Guild (WAG) in partnership with KALO, announces their first arts education program of 2013, “Cordage & Lashing,” presented by Hawaiian cultural artist Beau Jack Key.   Classes take place at Kanu O Ka ‘Āina New Century Public Charter School on Fridays, 5:30-7:30 p.m., January 25 and February 1.

Beau Jack Key at work, photo by Randy C. Horne

Beau Jack Key at work, photo by Randy C. Horne

What is Cordage?  Any kind of rope, string, twine, thread, yarn, cable or any flexible line is cordage, made in ancient times by Native Hawaiians, who twisted together fibers from plants and animal sinews (ligament and bones).  Extremely useful, cordage was part of practically everything made to insure survival: bows and arrows, nets, clothing, shelters, baskets and more.

Beau Jack Key is a cordage master and son of noted lei makers James and Lucy Key, well known statewide for their Ni‘ihau shell and various Hawaiian seed lei. Also a lifetime fisherman and modern-day lure maker, Key appreciates the art, functionality and evolution of the ancient Hawaiian implements.   Each of Key’s museum-quality works exudes his love and respect for his family, his ancestors, and the ocean.

Cost for the workshop is $45 including materials, limited to eight beginners or advanced students, age 13 and up, per class.  To register, please call The Pantry at (808) 887-2289.

Kanu o ka ‘Āina is a free public school for grades K-12 with focus on Hawaiian culture, located in Waimea.  To reach the school, turn onto Kamamalu Street at the “Taco Tako/Waimea Brewhaus” intersection; pass the Police Station on your right; stay on this road through a sharp left bend and look for the campus on your right.

The Pantry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, of which Waimea Artists’ Guild and Mama’s House Thrift Store are components.  WAG is an association of professional artists whose intent is to produce art and promote education in their community.  For additional information, contact: Beth or Tom Mehau at The Pantry, 887-2289.

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