Pahoa Pool Getting $1.55 Million Upgrade – Warm Water on the Way

The Department of Parks and Recreation is investing $1.55 million to enhance the operation and usability of the Pāhoa Aquatic Center.

My son was so cold during his swim lessons, that he had to get out of the water and warm up despite wearing a rash guard!

My son was so cold during his swim lessons, that he had to get out of the water and warm up despite wearing a rash guard!

Isemoto Contracting Co. Ltd. will expand the pool’s equipment building; reconfigure the pool’s pumps, circulation piping, and filtration system; and address recurring leaks that have begun to severely impact the daily operation of the pool. Improved water quality, lower operational costs and the ability to prevent or mitigate pool closures following an electrical outage will be among the significant public benefits.

Contract terms also call for installing roof-mounted solar heating panels to help warm the pool water, a new variable frequency drive to manage the pump motors more efficiently, and performing various repairs and safety upgrades to the facility.


Construction work will require closing the Pāhoa Aquatic Center for approximately six months starting Monday, January 7. The Department of Parks and Recreation apologizes for this inconvenience, and thanks swimmers, other pool users and the general public for their patience and understanding while this critical work is performed.

During the closure, users of the Pāhoa Aquatic Center are encouraged to visit Hilo’s Kawamoto Swim Stadium or Pāhala Swimming Pool located on the grounds of Ka‘ū High and Pāhala Elementary School. Operating hours, contact information and a list of other County of Hawai‘i swimming pools are available at

For more information, please contact Jason Armstrong, Public Information Officer, at 345-9105, or


2 Responses

  1. This is an extreme amount of time to be closed. It should not take that long. You could build a complete new facility in that amount of time.

  2. As of February 3, 2013, it doesn’t appear that much has been done on the Pahoa Pool, nearly a month after closing. We were originally told to expect a 6-month closure but today the (handwritten) sign outside the gate says it will be opening in “June or August 2013.” Many of us swam at the pool nearly every day while it was open and would like to see it reopen sooner rather than later.

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