Has Another Snake Arrived on the Big Island?

On Friday, January 26, 2007, a snake was found at Hilo Harbor.

“A snake that was found at Hilo Harbor last Friday (1/26) has been identified as a chequered keelback snake, also known as an Asiatic water snake (Xenochrophis piscator).  The non-venomous snake is commonly found in Asia and the East Indies, but not common in the pet trade in the U.S.  It is not known how the snake arrived in Hawaii.

This is the snake that was found in Hilo Harbor back in 2007

This is the snake that was found in Hilo Harbor back in 2007

On Friday, a construction worker working at Pier 2 in Hilo Harbor saw the two-foot-long snake under the pier and was able to kill it. The incident happened at about 9:30 a.m. and inspectors from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture were called to pick up the snake.  The snake was flown to Oahu late Friday afternoon and identified yesterday by a herpetologist at the Bishop Museum….”

More here: Snake found at Hilo Harbor

Someone just sent me the following message TODAY:

“Hi Damon, have you heard anything about brown tree snake sightings at Hilo bay front?…

(I replied that I hadn’t)

Please bring it to light for the public’s sake! Traps have been setup at the Puna Canoe Club. Numerous reports from different people according to an Ag inspector I spoke with this morning. NOT GOOD! And…no mention to the public about the matter. The Public will be the ones to find them, not the damn traps! Fn irraz! Damn inspectors setting our beautiful island up once again. Too many harmful invasive species! Thanks for letting me vent…”

I’ve checked around online and I haven’t heard of anything being confirmed yet.

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  1. if you guys need help looking for it call me at 315-9993 ask for lb i would like to help

  2. There are flyers posted on Bayfront asking for the publics help with information on the snake sighting with information on who to call in case you either saw a snake or know someone that claims to have seen a snake.
    Apparently there were two sightings within a week and the threat was big enough for a crew to be dispatched to search or the snake since last week.

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