Lost Campers USA Brings Budget Campervan Rentals to the Big Island

Lost Campers USA, the fast-growing company that set the standard for quality campervan rentals on the West Coast, is crossing the Pacific to open in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on January 2, 2013. Owners Nick and Emma Thomson intend to bring their unique style of ultimate customer service to one of the most incredible locations in the world, offering adventurous travelers an alternative to hotels and vacation home rentals. Nick Thomson comments, “The best way to explore the natural riches of this beautiful tropical destination is by driving and camping. Lost Campers Campervan Rental Hawaii allows vacationers the opportunity to travel all over the big island in comfort, providing great versatility for a modest price.”

Sierra Top

Sierra Class

With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles and over 75 campervans for hire, Lost Campers USA has, since 2008, been the top rental agency for travelers wishing to experience California and the West by campervan. The Los Angeles office has been open two years, and in that time, has proven the viability of campervan rentals as a successful travel business.

Amidst the recent economic downturn, campervans remain a popular means of travel, especially for families and those visiting the U.S. from abroad. Lost Campers’ new big island location is the perfect venue for the company’s expansion, as the island is teaming with wildlife, rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails, pristine beaches, national parks and lava fields for travelers to explore by camping.

Sierra Class

Sierra Class

Hawaii campervan rentals will open with ten vehicles in January, and expand as the market demands. The agency will offer Lost Campers’ Sierra class vans which feature the amenities that have made campervans so popular — full-size platform bed, inside storage, side awning, camp kitchen kit, fresh linens, stereo, storage and seating for four passengers. The Hotel Sierra campervan also features a rooftop tent. Lost Campers’ Big Island campervans start at just $75/day. Located just 10 minutes from Kona International Airport in Keahole, Lost Campers USA offers shuttle service to and from the rental facility. To learn more or to book a van, go to www.lostcampersusa.com and click on the Hawaii page or call 1-888-567-8826 (888-LOST-VAN) or 1-415-386-2693.

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