Malama O Puna Conducting Mangrove Removal Next Week

Malama O Puna will be conducting a mangrove removal work week at Alula Bay starting on November 24th. The site location is on the south edge of Honokohau Harbor in Kailua Kona area, South Kona District, Hawaii Island.

Mangrove at Onekahakaha

The plan is to use chain saws and hand saws to cut the mangroves, and sickles to cut pickleweed. The vegetation will then be hand carried to a truck for transport to the green waste facility nearby.

They welcome the help of volunteers.  Email or call Ann Kobsa at [email protected] or 965-6273 (before Nov 24) if you’d like to help, or just stop by wearing closed shoes and protective clothing.

Please pass along to those you know who would be willing to assist.


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