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VIDEO: Solarside Chat with Guest Mayor Billy Kenoi

An intelligent and intimate conversation with leaders in Hawaii about the Environment, Energy and Economy.

Guy Toyama interviews his first guest Mayor Billy Kenoi on his new show

This month, our guest is Mayor Billy Kenoi, the Chief Executive of the County of Hawaii who talks about his goals of increasing lower cost renewable energy as a way to spur sustainable economic activity on his island.


One Response

  1. My respect just went up for Uncle Billy. I thought he was just a paid-off puppet & X-bully ~ but the guy can actually think & may have some ethics & morals.
    I hope with his emphasis on agriculture that he soon discovers the hideous deadly agenda behind GMO ~ although all politicians on this island (as well as u. of H.) are getting paid off & bribed by Monsanto Corp.
    Also I think his blind support of “science & technology” is wrong for this island … which should remain just the opposite: a pristine low-EMF-radiation verdant floral tropical paradise where Mother Nature is permitted to reign supreme (as the rest of Planet Earth is paved over).

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