Hawaii Has Lowest Voter Participation in the United States… How Come?

In 2008, Hawaii had the lowest voter turnout in the U.S.   How come?  And can Hawaii Change The List for the 2012 election?


“…The goal is to bump Hawaii off the bottom of this list.

The list below shows voter turnout in the 2008 general election. Shout-out to Michael McDonald, from George Mason University, who tabulated this data. For the data-minded, here’s exactly what these numbers mean: They are the state’s total turnout divided by the voting-eligible population. Other measures, including a Census Bureau survey, also put Hawaii at the bottom of the list for voter turnout in the United States. We went with McDonald’s list instead of the one from the Census Bureau because the Census bases its voter turnout numbers on surveys instead of direct ballot counts…”

More here: Change the List

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