So Where Can You Stand and Campaign on Election Day? New Tool to Help Distinguish Boundaries

There is a new Geographic Information System (GIS) Tool, for the 2012 General Election Restricted areas around voting locations where no campaigning is allowed.

According to this map… folks should not be campaigning across the street and down the road from the Pahoa Community Center.

Electioneering maps depict the boundary area allowable for campaigning at each polling place on election days. Pursuant to HRS Section 11-132, that boundary is an area of two hundred feet from the perimeter of the polling place and its appurtenances. A polling place and its appurtenances shall include: 1) the building in which the polling place is located; 2) any parking lot adjacent to the building and routinely used for parking at that building; 3) the routes of access between the building and any parking lot; and 4) any route of access between any public thoroughfare (right-of-way) and the polling place to ensure an open and accessible ingress and egress to and from the polling place for voters.

I just picked two locations to zoom in on for this post. An East Hawaii and a West Hawaii polling place.

For questions about the maps, contact the Office of Elections at 453-VOTE (8683). Neighbor Islands may call toll free at 1-800-442-VOTE (8683). Or e-mail the Office of Elections at [email protected].

To see the areas on the Big Island… you need to zoom in and out from where this map starts: Election Engineering Maps for the 2012 Hawaii Elections.

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  1. There is now a desktop/tablet gallery of maps for all islands and a smartphone app at

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