23 Big Island Cows Die in Mainland Shipping Container Accident

Many folks don’t realize that many of Hawaii’s cows are shipped to the mainland to feedlots to be fattened up.

23 cows died in this Washington State container accident

In Washington State there was a tragic accident involving cows that were shipped from Hawaii.

“…Twenty-three of the 68 cattle aboard died in the container, which was en route from Hawaii to a feedlot.

“This was an unfortunate accident that turned out pretty well,” Jared Gould said. He was the veterinarian on duty at Horse Heaven Cattle Feeders in Sunnyside when the surviving cattle arrived.

“They were not in terrible shape,” he said. “They were tired and walked off to feed and water.”

The loaded container fell off a tractor-trailer and onto Interstate 90 on Oct. 6, landing on its side. After hitting the pavement, the container skidded about 200 feet.

When state troopers arrived at the scene, they found that some of the cattle had died in the crash and some of the surviving cattle had their hooves stuck in the container’s barred windows…

…Horse Heaven has been receiving cattle from Hawaii the past four or five months, he said. A drought on the islands has crippled producers’ ability to fatten the animals there.

Hawaii ranchers ship 40,000 live cattle a year to the mainland; only 4,000 are slaughtered for meat sales there.

Hawaii’s local and grass-fed beef industry will get a boost when Hawaii County breaks ground on renovations to a state-owned slaughterhouse on the Hamakua Coast…

You can read the full article here: Most Cattle Survive Washington Container Accident

I have two questions… why is a slaughter house called “Horse Heaven Cattle Feeders” and was the meat still edible?

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