U.S. Government Cancels Osprey Landings at Upolu Airport on Big Island and Kalaupapa Airport on Molokai

I’m actually amazed that U.S. Government cancelled the landings!

U.S. Marine Corps parachutists free fall from an MV-22 Osprey at 10,000 feet above the drop zone at Fort A.P. Hill, Va. on Jan. 17, 2000. The Marines from the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C., became the first to deploy from the Osprey. Twenty-four successful jumps were recorded under the supervision of the U.S. Army Operational Test Command and the Marine Corps Systems Command to qualify the V-22 for parachute service. DoD photo by Vernon Pugh, U.S. Navy. (Released)

…Regarding the Hawaiian flights, Ospreys were scheduled to make practice landings at Kalaupapa Airport on the island of Moloka’i, and Upolu Airport on the Hawaiian main island. The U.S. government cancelled the landings, however, due to opposition from local residents plus concerns over noise pollution and potential effects on local heritage sites.

The tilt-rotor aircraft have had a number of high-profile accidents since their introduction to service in 2007, including a fatal April 2012 crash that the U.S. Marine Corps concluded recently was due to pilot error, ruling out mechanical or safety problems.

According to Japan-U.S. diplomatic sources, 24 Ospreys are scheduled for deployment to Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe, O’ahu by 2018. In preparation, in August 2010 the U.S. Department of the Navy began an environmental assessment of the plan as required under the National Environmental Policy Act.

The navy department assessment named Kalaupapa Airport and Upolu Airport as sites for Osprey practice landings. However, local residents and other U.S. government departments came out against holding the training flights at the two sites, pointing to the danger to a National Park Service-designated archeological site near Kalaupapa Airport and the potential for severe noise pollution around Upolu Airport…

More here: Local Opposition Scuttles Hawaiian Osprey Training Flights

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  1. American sheeple do not realize the real purpose of the military ~
    which is to be used as a brainwashed tool of the New Weird Odor.
    Do a little research on DUMBs & the Report from Iron Mountain
    (for starters). “Terrorism” is a hoax … & a hook … to reel in the
    American sheeple to believing they need NW0 “security”
    (& therefore global-gov’t domination of every facet of living).

    • All i can say to this post is wow. Are u serious? How do you sleep at night? Oh you sleep well at night because of our military. If they are unable to do training then how are they to know what will or will not work when it comes down to life or death? If it were not for the military being here in hawaii then the economy would be nothing. Hawaii woukd not have japanese would not be the tourists they would be running this island chain. So there goes your money from your tourism. And you also would not have the large amount of fedral money due to the military presents here either. Does hawaii really think they could make it without the finacial backing of the military? Let this island chain be taken over by a differant country and wait and see what that out come would be. Let the military pull out ALL OF THERE RESOURCE and i do me ALL and then just see what woukd happen to this beautiful island chain in the middle of the ocean with NO PROTECTION at all.

  2. Wow, another technological move forward cancelled in Hawaii by the locals. I have never in my almost 15 years of service been stationed in a place that resists change or complicates change as much as Hawaii. Don’t get me wrong Hawaii is a beautiful place but we in the military need to be able to train the way we fight regardless of where we are stationed. The constant resistance to change and advancement of the military services stationed in Hawaii never ceases to amaze me. When is Hawaii going to realize that main factor that keeps their islands economy strong is the large military presence on the islands, without all of the military and military associated jobs in Hawaii the Hawaiian economy would fail. There is not enough tourism, fishing, or manufactured goods for export to sustain the Hawaiian economy. I hope soon they will realize this and stop fighting the military on every issue they can think of.

    • They also worry more about how they treat the wild life then they worry about how they treat actual people, i have seen more respect given to birds and lizards here in hawaii then people who have done nothing to deserve disrespect other then being the wrong skin color.

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