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  1. Cute kid. Nice picture.

    This is part of a yet *another* attempt by yet another “agency” to come up with catchy buzz-phrases and help make people feel good—like we’re actually *doing* something to combat some of the usual demons: drug and alcohol abuse by youth. You know, part of the bigger “war” that’s going on.

    How’s that war going? How much money is being burned up in administrative costs and executive salaries? Really?

    Print some T-shirts (ugly design, btw), give a few “seminars” and stage a few high-publicity, “feel-good” events. Presto. Next thing you know, you’ll *really* put a dent in substance abuse and alcohol consumption by minors.

    Good luck with that.

    These dime-a-dozen agencies, staffed by well-intentioned (no doubt) “do-gooders” that consume hundreds of millions of dollars annually, nationwide?

    Their lofty mission statements are enough to bring a tear to your eye. But these 501(c)3’s are frequently woefully short on concrete, real-life objectives and meaningful metrics by which to reasonably and quantitatively gauge their programs’ own effectiveness—or lack thereof; it just looks and “feels” good.

    Just saying.

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