Where the Votes Came From in Key Big Island Races – You Draw Your Own Conclusion

Jared Kuroiwa pointed me to a couple graphs and links that showed where the votes came in from on some of the key races.

In the Big Island Mayoral race… this is what the graph looked like:

For more details on this map see here: http://brchawaii.com/map.php/?r=1&contest=139&type=race&width=1708&Height=960

Senate District 2:

For more details on this graph see here:  http://brchawaii.com/map.php/?r=1&contest=11&type=race&width=1708&Height=960

And the map that Loraine Inouye may find interesting in that she is contesting the results is the following graph:

More details on this map here: http://brchawaii.com/map.php/?r=1&contest=16&type=race&width=1708&Height=960

Now if you compare the above maps with the actual voter turnout in certain precincts… Well I will let you draw your own conclusions:

To really see this graph in details (some of the precincts don’t show because the map is not zoomed in enough) click here: http://brchawaii.com/map.php/?r=1&contest=139&type=&width=1708&Height=960

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