The Hawaii Kids Were Robbed of a Chance to Go to the Little League World Series

The Hawaii Little League baseball team was robbed of a chance to go to the Little League World Series on a bizarre appeal  that was incorrectly ruled an out on the field!

You can clearly see that he did step on the bag!

…Specifically, they lost on an appeal – an appeal of a play that had just scored them two runs, which brought them within one of Petaluma when Nanakuli was down to its final out. Petaluma third baseman Porter Slate, though, thought one of Nanakuli’s runners missed third on his way to scoring. Petaluma’s coach told the pitcher to appeal. He did. The runner was called out. Game over. The question: was the call correct? We dare you to watch the clip below and be sure of that:


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2 Responses

  1. Bachi must prevail!

  2. How heartbreaking! Those poor little guys.

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