Hawaii Island Voter Turn Out

Interesting map of voter turnout around Hawaii Island the colored pinpoints are coded below.

  • Purple – 60% or greater of voter turnout
  • Blue – 59% to 50% voter turnout
  • Green – 49% to 40% voter turnout
  • Yellow – 39% to 30% voter turnout
  • Red – less than 30% voter turnout

For more information you can see the following links for other island and statewide results:

Island wide: http://brchawaii.com/map.php?contest=2
Honolulu: http://brchawaii.com/map.php?contest=154
Kauai: http://brchawaii.com/map.php?contest=153
Maui: http://brchawaii.com/map.php?contest=150
Hawaii: http://brchawaii.com/map.php?contest=140

Mahalo to Jared Kuroiwa for posting this on Facebook!

4 Responses

  1. Does this account for mail in ballots or only walk-in voters? Lots of us send in ballots so we don’t have to wait in the lines while the materials are delivered. LOL.

    • I believe it is all ballots received. Because they have the “AB” written in the books by your name if you try to vote again on the actual walk-in day.

  2. Good idea but it would have been better if he used a “heat map” where shades of blue greens would be low turnout and shades of red would be higher turnout. This color scheme is confusing and not intuitive.

  3. Yellow all over Kailua.

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