The New Hawaii Quarter is Flawed and Should Be Re-Minted

The new quarter that is supposed to represent Hawaii as a state is flawed and I believe should be re-minted.

It is scheduled to be released tomorrow  soon.

Do you see the error?

The quarter is using an apostrophe instead of an okina to separate the two “i’s” in Hawaii.

6 Responses

  1. Since it’s a san-serif font it’s hard to tell exactly, but it appears to be correct. An okina faces to the right.

    And nupepa makes a good point — why not use it in both instances of the word?

  2. Why do you say that the quarter is scheduled to be released “tomorrow” when the press release you posted clearly states it will be released at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on Aug. 29? Please make the correction so people don’t go to HFS FCU and are disappointed.

  3. And if they are going to bother using it once, shouln’t they use it twice? Or are the practicing conservation?

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