Big Island Will Purchase Three New Buses with Federal Grant Money

I mentioned the other day that the State of Hawaii was going to receive $8.44 Million in Federal funding for new buses and that $1.2 million of it would be going to the Big Island.

Mayor Kenoi announced the following today how Hawaii County would allot that funding:

The County of Hawai‘i will receive $1.2 million in grant money to purchase three new buses for its Hele-On fleet.

The money comes from the Federal Transit Administration State of Good Repair grant program. The modern buses will replace three older ones being retired from the Hele-On fleet, which features 51 buses carrying 1.2 million passengers a year all around Hawai‘i Island.

Hawai‘i County Mayor Billy Kenoi said the county plans to purchase 49-passenger motor coaches to improve and expand upon its island-wide bus service. The new buses will be wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned, and equipped with bicycle racks.

“These funds will go a long way in helping us improve our transportation services,” said Mayor Kenoi. “They will replace buses that are over 17 years old.” Mayor Kenoi said U.S. Sen. Dan Inouye was instrumental in securing this grant.

“The buses we will purchase will provide a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for our residents,” said Mayor Kenoi. “We would like to thank Senator Inouye for his assistance in obtaining the funds for this project.”

A key strategic goal of the federal Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration is to assist municipalities with the improvement and maintenance of America’s buses and bus facilities. About $650 million has been made available by the Federal Transit Administration to improve the condition of transit equipment across the nation.

3 Responses

  1. we need definitely buses to the airport. becuase many have to catch planes to go off island. and also many people go to the post office to get their mail there is demand in that area. in honolulu there many buses that go to the airport. we need bus services to the airport . think about the tourist and people traveling off island.

  2. The county of Hawaii needs to raise fares to $7 with no extra charge for bags or bicycles. with transfers issued upon request to cover any other fares for that day. We need more mechanics, and more buses with shorter routes. I believe more people would ride then. Monthly pass prices should stay the same or increase slightly if need be to cover expenses.

    As it stands now in 2015, compared to some better managed municipal bus services around the nation, Hele on is an inadequate patchwork arrangement which is getting worse and is not a serious alternative for public transportation.

  3. Because of corruption within our system and government, Hilo Airport remains the only international airport in the USA without bus service. Good work Mr. Brown and Mayor Kenoi!
    Bob Jacobson

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