Ironworkers, Laborers and Sierra Club endorse Gil Kahele for Hawaii State Senate District One

With 46 days before the August 11th primary election we are proud to announce that Senator Gil Kahele has received endorsements from the Ironworkers, Laborers Local 368 and the Sierra Club Hawaii Chapter . These three endorsements continue to carry momentum into our campaign and show continuing support from Hawaiiʻs working class as well as the most widely recognized environmental organization in the country.

The Ironworkers of Hawaii (Stabilization Fund) represents thousands of island workers who work on bridges, structural steel, ornamental architectural and miscellaneous metals and rebar.

The Laborers International Union of North America Local 368 represents 4,369 members throughout the State of Hawaii. Formed in December of 1954 the union represents members working in the construction, environmental remediation, maintenance, food service, clerical and health care occupations.

The Sierra Club is the largest and most influential grassroots organization in the country. Formed in 1892 the Sierra Club has a membership of 1.4 million people and advocates for safe and healthy communities, smart energy solutions to combat global warming and creates an enduring legacy for Americaʻs wild places. The Hawaii Chapter of the Sierra Club focuses on our beaches, oceans, watersheds, forests, clean and renewable energy and our native eco-systems. Sierra Club chapters exist on every island and the Hawaii Chapter is the Moku Loa Group.

To date, Senator Gil Kaheleʻs candidacy for State Senate District One has been endorsed by the ILWU, HSTA, UHPA, Ironworkers, Laborers and the Sierra Club.

“I am humbled and honored to accept the endorsement of the Ironworkers, Laborers and the Sierra Club. These endorsements reflect my strong support for Hawaiiʻs working class citizens as well as our precious environment. The economy is the #1 issue in this campaign and putting people back to work in East Hawaii is my top goal as a legislator. Growing up in the fishing village of Miloliʻi I know the value and respect for our precious environment, watersheds, oceans and marine ecosystems. The endorsement of the Sierra Club reflects my belief that we should be “stewards” of the ʻaina and therefore are responsible to take care of it, cherish it and preserve it for future generations. As a legislator I play a vital role in the success of these issues and if elected, I will continue the mission I started less than two years ago when I took office which remains the cornerstone of my campaign, making government work for the people”

Hauʻoli Ka Manaʻo,

Senator Gil Kahele

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