Flight School for Girls Takes Off at the Pacific Aviation Museum

Sixth through eighth grade female students are having an opportunity to soar at Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor’s new “Flight School” program this summer.

Developed by Director of Education Dr. Shauna Tonkin, the Museum’s program introduces girls to the history and science of flight on three consecutive weekdays, 9am to 3pm on June 26-28, July 10-12 and July 24-26.

Burl Burlingame shows the kids around one of the hangars.

“It’s a program aimed at helping girls discover the importance of flight for the growth and development of our society,” explains Dr. Tonkin.

The program consists of immersive, hands on activities with an emphasis on Pacific aviation—and fun—while exploring scientific principles of flight through demonstrations and experiments, learning to “fly” in the Museum’s flight simulation lab, operating remote controlled aircraft, and meeting the pioneers of aviation through presentations by costumed interpreters.

2 Responses

  1. An amazing program with fantastic instructors! What a wonderful experience! Thank you Dr Tonkin for making this happen!

  2. Thanks for your great coverage of our first day. Just to let you know — we’ve added one more session because the demand is so high! There are still spots for girls in our new session from July 17 – 19.

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