Hawaii – Kids Want Role Models Not Bottles!

Kids Want Role Models Not Bottles is an awareness campaign with a mission to provide adults/youth with knowledge about Hawaiʻi Island as it relates to underage drinking prevention. We encourage grandparents, parents, and guardians to keep communication lines open with youth. Many times adults feel like kids don’t listen to what they have to say, but research tells us otherwise.

In June, youth and adults from the Hawaiʻi Island community gathered and “talked story” about this campaign. It was refreshing for adults to hear from the youth – hopefully, they learned from us too! Our youth tells us that they don’t want to be offered alcohol at parties by family/friends. They feel awkward having to decline offers from elders – whether its an older brother, an uncle, grandparent, parent, etc.

Our tagline: Kids Want Role Models Not Bottles came from a real life experience of a teen being offered alcohol by a relative. Many of us grew up in these types of situations – learning from “small kid time” that this was okay or fun. Well, it’s not. The statistics for our beautiful island are staggering and we encourage adults and youth to help turn the trend around. Let’s be known for something great … and get our youth off to a great start!

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