Pier 1 Imports Opens on the Big Island

Pier 1 Imports is pleased to announce the opening of its newest store in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The new store is located at 74-5586 Palani Road at the Kona Coast Shopping Center.

(left to right) Bobby Command, Executive Assistant to Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi, Jenna Criswell, Store Manager, Pier 1 Imports, Jeffrey Trinh, Hawaii Regional Manager, Pier 1 Imports, Jennifer Engstrand, Pier 1 Imports Public Relations Specialist, Jennifer Bradley, Vice President, Colliers International

“We are thrilled to bring our first Pier 1 Imports store location to the Big Island of Hawaii and hope that our new Kona location will introduce customers to the eclectic and fun merchandise unique to Pier 1 Imports,” said Alex W. Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pier 1 Imports. “Pier 1 Imports offers merchandise that fits all decorating styles, as well as a broad array of affordable holiday décor, furniture and gifts, and we look forward to sharing our unique shopping experience with the residents of Kona and the Big Island of Hawaii,” Smith said.

(left to right) Jeffrey Trinh, Hawaii Regional Manager, Pier 1 Imports, Alexa Rolando, Sales Leader, Pier 1 Imports, Michelle Matusek, Sales Leader, Pier 1 Imports, Jenna Criswell, Store Manager, Pier 1 Imports

The total retail square footage of the store is 8,448 square feet.  The store will be led by store manager, Jenna Criswell of Kailua-Kona. This will be the fifth Pier 1 Imports location in Hawaii, and it will feature the new store concept (additional details included below). On average, the store will employ approximately 40 part-time associates to support the new store opening. Associate hours fluctuate based on the needs of the business and the season. Pier 1 Imports has three stores on Oahu in Honolulu, Kailua and Pearl City, and one on Maui in Kahului. Pier 1 Imports opened its first Hawaii store at Ward Centers in Honolulu in 1998.

A traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony was conducted by Kahu (Reverend) Kealoha Kaopua Coleman of the Calvary Community Church in Kona  prior to the store’s opening at 10 a.m. The ceremony featured the untying of a maile lei, signifying the official opening of the store.

The store’s grand opening festivities will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22. Additionally, 94.7 FM (Hilo) and 101.5 FM (Kona) will host a radio remote event from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, July 21. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive free Pier 1 Imports’ product giveaways, as well as gift cards.

The Grand Opening will be next month

New Store Concept

Pier 1 Imports was pleased to announce the unveiling of its new store concept this past fall. The new store design is a natural evolution of the Pier 1 Imports experience that utilizes a new interior finish-out, including natural-colored floor tiles, rustic ceiling elements, enhanced store lighting and lit shelving units lining the walls, all of which help customers visualize the end-use of the products within their own home. The new look is complemented by the use of “open stock” merchandising, designed to enhance the shopping environment by giving customers the opportunity to see, feel and interact with the product. The exterior design features a signature bamboo door with rustic metal door handles that will mark the entrance to Pier 1 Imports’ unique shopping experience. The features of the new store will allow easier navigation, all while maintaining the “treasure hunt” feel and continuing to make Pier 1 Imports a great place for discovery and spending time browsing.

The Community

Pier 1 Imports is dedicated to supporting the communities in which its associates live and work, as well as the international community from where it imports much of its merchandise. Since 1985, Pier 1 Imports has contributed more than $37 million to philanthropic organizations through international, national and local efforts including UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) and the United Way.

About Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 Imports, Inc. is the original global importer of imported decorative home furnishings and gifts. Information about the Company is available on www.pier1.com.


Mother Goose Killed in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park urges motorists to slow down and watch out for the endemic and federally endangered nēnē while driving on park roadways.

On Tuesday evening, a female Hawaiian goose (Branta sandvicensis) died after being struck by a vehicle on Chain of Craters Road near Pauahi Crater. Her mate of 13 years escaped harm, but remains in the area.

Although nēnē can fly, they are often seen on the ground near roadways in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

The female, known as Green DU, was a consistent breeder, and successfully raised 24 goslings. She was hatched in captivity in the park in December 1991 and was released in March 1992.  Green DU was what wildlife biologists call a rare “double-clutch” breeder, who once reared two goslings to fledglings, then re-nested and raised an additional four goslings in a single breeding season.

“It is a shame that a nēnē with such a long and productive life had to die so tragically,” said Dr. Rhonda Loh, the park’s chief of resource management.

Nēnē is the Hawai‘i state bird.  About 200 nēnē thrive within Hawai‘i Volcanoes, and there are an estimated 2,000 birds statewide. It’s not unusual to encounter nēnē in the park during their nesting season, which runs from October through March, and they are frequently spotted along roadsides throughout the year. But geese can be anywhere, from sea level to the slopes of Mauna Loa.

Nēnē Crossing signs are posted along park roadsides in places nēnē frequent most, and information on the Hawai‘i’s largest native land animal can be found in the park’s visitor centers.

Nēnē are quite active in the late evening and early morning, and their grayish coloring makes them difficult to see during those hours. Park officials also caution visitors not to feed the geese because birds seeking handouts fall prey to oncoming vehicles. The equation is simple, sad, and all too often true: a fed nēnē equals a dead nēnē.

The Baidarka to Be Removed From the Reef

Starting tomorrow morning, 35-foot sailboat from Victoria, Canada, the Baidarka, will be removed from the reef outside the Lahaina Small Boat Harbor where it went aground earlier this week. Parker Marine, a salvage company has been hired by the boat’s owner to remove the vessel for disposal. Cost of removal will be covered by vessel insurance company Progressive Insurance.

DLNR Photo

On Saturday morning, Parker Marine will secure heavy lines to the vessel and its mast, and by afternoon begin pulling them in with a winch to the nearby Kamehameha Iki county beach park. To prevent further damage to the offshore coral reef, Parker Marine plans to move the boat to shore with successive high tides and lift it up with a crane onto a flat bed truck to haul away. Work may continue through the weekend.

Hula Kahiko Informance in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Aims to Entertain and Educate

Volcano Art Center (VAC) proudly presents an exciting addition to this year’s Na Mea Hawaii Hula Kahiko, an annual traditional hula performance held in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The “Hula Kahiko Informance” scheduled for June 30 will provide a rich context for both kama‘aina (locals) and malihini (newcomers) on the inspiring cultural heritage that makes hula such a treasured dance for Hawaii.

For over 30 years, VAC has held the responsibility and privilege of coordinating the Hula Kahiko presentations for the public. The beautiful backdrop of the national park offers the perfect setting for the performances, held each year at the sacred pa hula (hula platform), and delivered with such a true spirit of aloha one imagines the dances to serve as a loving gift to the volcano goddess Pele herself.

Leilehua Yuen dancing hula with Manu Josiah by Ken Kuroshima

In response to the wonderfully engaged and curious audiences over the years, VAC will now be offering the Hula Kahiko Informance – a live educational performance that aims to pass on the traditions of the costumes, leis and cultural significance behind the Hula Kahiko. Invited to preside over the Informance are the acclaimed kumu hula Leilehua Yuen and her equally talented husband and accompanying musician Manu Josiah.

This unique offering will reveal the elaborate behind-the-scenes preparations for the Hula Kahiko – from the gathering of lei foliage, to the art of weaving the lei, to the adornment of the dancer – each meaningful step is demonstrated and described in one beautiful and unforgettable hour. Prepare for an enriching experience in both the wisdom of kumu Leilehua and her inspiring hula as the crowning finale.

Leilehua and Manu admire each other’s love of and respect for their island home. They live in her family home in Hilo, restoring the medicinal garden that her grandfather tended. Leilehua’s hula lineage is rooted in her grandmother’s teachings and her studies with legendary expert on all things Hawaiiana, Auntie Nona Beamer. The powerful natural forces of the island are where Leilehua draws much of her artistic inspiration. Manu also draws strength from the island as he works to preserve his cultural heritage through music and community education.

Save the date for this intimate and revealing display of the age-old pageantry and ritual behind the hula dance. The Hula Kahiko Informance with kumu hula Leilehua Yuen and Manu Josiah will begin at 10:30am on Saturday, June 30 in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. On the same day, a hands-on cultural demonstration will be offered from 9:30am to 1:30pm on the front porch of the Volcano Art Center Gallery. The Hula Kahiko is scheduled for the following Saturday, July 7 at 10:30am. For more information, visit www.volcanoartcenter.org or contact Julie at (808) 967-8222 or julie@volcanoartcenter.org.


Eddie Aikau Restaurant to Host Premier Book Signing

Back from a West Coast book tour, Waikoloa author and surf photographer Kirk Lee Aeder will be at the Eddie Aikau Restaurant, Saturday, June 30, from 3-5 p.m., during Eddie’s “Surf Hours” to sign and talk story about his new book Child of the Storm. This will be Aeder’s first book signing on the Big Island.

Child of the Storm, How an Angry Young Man Formed a Bond with the Sea and Changed Our Lives Forever, chronicles the tempestuous life of 1970’s California competitive surfer Chris O’Rourke, who died of cancer at the age of 22.  His lifelong friend, Aeder was able to capture O’Rourke’s meteoric surf career on camera as he rose to world class status; and as he fought illness with ferocity.

As book reviewer Matt Pruett writes in Surfline.com:  “After much guilt and reckoning, O’Rourke died young, but not before stoking Aeder’s photographic confidence, Caster’s design principles, Joey Buran’s faith in Christianity, Gerlach’s competitive instincts, Quiksilver’s corporate dynamic… By the time he passed, O’Rourke’s presence and spirit had influenced every facet of the budding surf industry and culture we all operate within today.”

Copies will be available for purchase.  For more information, visit www.kirkaederphoto.com or www.facebook.com/EddieAikauRestaurant