Governor Abercrombie to Sign SB3001 (Relating to Wildlife) Into Law Today

State Senator Gilbert Kahele has been informed by the Abercrombie Administration that the Governor intends to sign SB3001 (Relating To Wildlife) into law on Thursday, June 21st 2012 at 10:00AM in the Governorʻs Ceremonial Room at the Hawaii State Capitol.

An Axis Deer jumps in the air after being shot

Senator Kahele introduced SB3001 (Relating to Wildlife) during the 2012 legislative session to address the problem of the invasive Axis Deer on Hawaii Island. The bill, when signed into law, will prohibit a person to intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly transfer, transport, and release after transport through interisland movement any live wild or feral deer unless permitted by the Department of Land and Natural Resources or other State Department. It will also establish penalties and fines for individuals that violate the law.

Senator Kahele, Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, has been a strong proponent of the swift removal of invasive Axis Deer on Hawaii Island. The Axis Deer, introduced to the Hawaiian Islandʻs in 1868, has been devastating to the islands of Molokaʻi and Maui and their agricultural and tourist industries.

“I am extremely pleased that the Governor has decided to sign this important peice of legislation into law. Axis Deer have been devastating to our precious environment and our agricultural industry. This law will send a clear message to those that attempt to transport the Axis Deer to Hawaii island that this Administration, the Legislature and the residents of our State will not tolerate this conduct. Just this past April the Department of Land and Natural Resources recorded the first official kill of an Axis Deer in Kaʻu. I applaud this effort and and will continue my mission to completley eradicate the Axis Deer from Hawaii Island. This law reaffirms that message.”

State Senator Gilbert Kahele


5 Responses

  1. Deer were brought here by humans. They did not paddle in canoes, or fly here in their private planes. If they are damaging the environment – find another way. Round them up and place them in a “no kill” shelter. This is humanity doing what it does best – being cruel and acting with no compassion. Governor Abercrombie, shame on you for hiring hunters to spread more suffering in the world. Would a human being also jump in the air if shot? Look at the photo of that deer and try to put yourself in his/her place – if you feel nothing Governor, then you do NOT belong as the leader of our state. Humans are just as invasive as any species “brought” here.

  2. The deer where also given as a gift too, Kamehameha the fifth, to the people of Hawaii.

  3. Senator Kahele has got to go, he is eradicating a food source, this is not Malama aina, i’m sure he is behind a lot of the eradication as well. This is cruel, he is lying about the deer, does he not know that the deer have swam from molokai, to lanai, to maui, to the big island. Shame on you kahele, Damon have you talked to Mr. Kahele? Would really appreciate a contact for him, if you may please.

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