Members of the 100th Battalion, 442 Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service Members Receive Congressional Gold Medals

Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi was in Kona today where he posted some of these pictures on Facebook from a tribute to the members of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service as they received Congressional Gold Medals:

Mr. Hajime Ueda of Pāhala

A grateful nation paid tribute to members of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service by bestowing upon them the Congressional Gold Medal.

About 130 members of the 442nd were from here in Kona, and they and their families were recognized today.

Mr. and Mrs. Fumikichi Matsuoka of Captain Cook

It was an honor to meet true warriors.

442nd veteran Sgt. Yasunori Deguchi of Kealakekua

Their heroism will be remembered forever.

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  1. It is with great shame and deepest regret that these men and their families have not received recognition and compensation for their service and personal sacrifice.
    To this day, our country has not learned from the mistakes of it’s past and continue to neglect the merits of our veterans.

    I know my words mean so little but with my greatest effort to express my gratitude.

    I thank you

  2. What a bunch of bullshit. First off, did you read the article in the Trib about the group that was asking for help to pay for the medals? Are you kidding me? That is not an award. Medals are useless, and now? Over 60 years later? Give me a break. These heros deserve congressional retirement benefits at the very least. Their spouses and immediate families should receive the same at the very least. Medals!? They should collect them all, put them in a box with dog shit and send it back to congress (which is the opposite of progress). I would love to hear the truth behind the reasoning for finally taking up a collection to buy these silent heros some stupid medals all of a sudden. I bet they aren’t even made of gold. It really irks me to see these poor soldiers being taken advantage of by some shmuck in congress who will be getting a big pat on the back and taking all the credit for coming up with this waste of tax dollars. These fine soldiers should have gotten the cash equivalent for the time and actual money wasted on these lousy medals. I bet someone in congress has a family member making the medals. Just like when I was in the navy and that jackass senator from Illinois had a uniform contract so every year we had uniform changes to ensure we buy a whole new set of uniforms every year. Remember that? Maybe you weren’t in the military. Anyway, thanks for doing such a great job with the news. You are the best. Sorry if I sound upset because I am.

    • i’m a son of one of these Heros, i share your view for helping these Heros but believe it or not being honored for just a day brought a warm smile on my dad’s face. At 93 i want the world to recognize his sacrifice and forgiveness for the way he and his team was treated before, during, and after their service overseas. Yes, there were many times they were called names and treated like the enemy but the insane reason they volunteered and served was for the Love of america and to secure their families as Patriotic Americans. My dad is having health problems and he still smiles and greets everyone with Aloha.My brothers and sister are so proud to have a dad who showed us that forgiveness is done by one’s actions.
      Thanks DAD, We Love You
      “GO FOR BROKE”

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