Fixing Your iPhone When the Sound Goes Out Due to Water in the Speaker Hole

Well it happened to me today.  I was talking on my iPhone today and it just started to rain and as  I was walking underneath an overhang to get away from the rain I felt a huge drip on my hand and the audio on my iPhone went out.

I knew immediately what happened and turned on my speaker phone and sure enough… it turned out I could use the speaker phone just fine.

However, I couldn’t use the phone w/out the speaker phone and the person on the other end couldn’t hear me unless I used the speaker phone.

So following some online advice, I took a q-tip and tried to clean out the water from the hole in the speaker jack.

Using a Q-tip to clean out the water from the speaker jack hole worked for me to get the audio back to normal.

I couldn’t fit the actual q-tip into the jack so I spun some of the cotton off the head and made it into something that would fit.

I then cleaned out the hole and tried my phone… and sure enough… it worked just fine!

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