The Hand that Feeds the Birds – The Hawaiian Endangered Bird Conservation Program

The San Diego Zoo has a Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program:

More than 662 birds have been released since our Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program began in 1994, which has helped breed and reintroduce endangered, native birds in the Hawaiian Islands.

This program will continue captive breeding and reintroduction efforts for the puaiohi, ‘alala, nene, and palila. In order to further conservation efforts of the Maui parrotbill, researchers will collect wild eggs or adult birds when appropriate. Environmental education programs and renovations to improve the Maui Bird Conservation Center will continue.

Recently they just had their ‘Aala bird population reach over 100 birds with the birth of this bird:


Watch as a newly hatched ‘alala, or Hawaiian crow, is fed by a human helper. Our Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program has now reached a milestone of over 100 ‘alala!

The zoo even has a blog devoted specifically to the conservation program you can check it out here, Hawaiian Birds where they explain more about the ‘alala as well as many of the other projects they are working on.

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