Dear Damon – “…Attention to the Proposed Marine Reserve at Mauna Lani”

I’d appreciate it if you could give some attention to the proposed Marine Reserve at Mauna Lani (see details below). I have strong concerns about this, and would like to know if the Hawaiian community supports something like this or not. If you write about it on your blog, then people could talk about it.

I see plenty local kine folks spearfishing and I wouldn’t want to do anything that could restrict their rights. I never see tourists “taking” fish … only local kids, those who either work here or live nearby.  My first thought was this is just a way to keep people off the Mauna Lani property, and I would strongly oppose such a thing. I think the entire property needs to be open to the public, especially kama`aina, and I know Shops at Mauna Lani wants more public access and freedom also.

For the record, the “Fish Ponds” are already off limits. I think it’s disingenuous of the letter to refer to “fish ponds” because the map shows the reef, and the fishponds are mauka the reef. And, by the way, the fish ponds are jammed with fish.

On the other hand, Uncle Francis and others talk about how the reef used to have “10x more fish” back before the resort was built. But, as you know, fish populations are in decline all over the world, not just here. If Uncle Francis supports this, then I would too.

So, anyway, I’m looking for advice about what the pono thing is to do.

Resident at Mauna Lani

From: FML Manager
Subject: Marine reserve


An effort to get the reef offshore of the Mauna Lani declared a marine reserve (no-take) area is in a critical and near final stage.

Many people in the Mauna Lani community feel it will benefit property owners in the vicinity.

Here is a little information about this effort:

Those in favor of the effort are trying to get letters (the old-fashioned kind, on paper) supporting the reserve.  The DLNR is responsive to such input.
This effort has not been endorsed or opposed by the Fairways association, but we are sharing this information with you in case you wish to take a position on the matter.
For more information from those sponsoring the effort, contact:

Mauna Lani Community Reef Conservation Committee
68-1030 Mauna Lani Point Drive
Kamuela, HI 96743
They have provided a sample letter if you wish to support this cause.

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  1. Thanks for covering this topic, Damon!

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