Congressional Candidate Marx Files Nomination Papers

Bob Marx, candidate for Hawaii’s Second Congressional District, filed nomination papers today with the Office of Elections. Marx is the only candidate from a neighbor island.

Congressional Candidate Bob Marx

Marx spoke to a group of people in Keaau on Monday, discussing the problems faced by areas on the neighbor islands and in rural Oahu. “I am not running because I see an easy opportunity to win,” said Marx. “I am running because I too am fed up with the problems in infrastructure, education, and unemployment we face.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Marx discussed Hawaii’s major infrastructure problems on Kauai radio program “Soap Box Live.” Marx noted that infrastructure problems are not limited in scope to Oahu; rather, all of the islands need infrastructure upgrades. One of the key problems identified is the lack of alternate routes to some communities—and in times of emergency, traffic and gridlock has the potential to endanger lives.

As a small business owner himself, Marx discussed the nature of Hawaii’s faltering economy with Philip Matlage, owner of a small farm in Puna. “If we create tax incentives [for local businesses] we can alleviate some of the burden,” stated Marx. “Unlike the career politicians in the race, I know what hard work is like.” In a prior press release, Marx discussed the nature of his early jobs, which included jobs in the construction sector and working as a Teamster in Local 670.

Marx’s campaign manager Jose Casey remarked on how the race was progressing; noting that “[Bob] has surged ahead in many key districts where we expected more opposition.” For Marx, it appears the race is only just beginning. As he travels to the state convention today, Marx will be seeking to expand his support on Oahu.

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